Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Yun Bixue Gone Mad

Jia Dongkun watched as the beauty before his eyes ignored him and even sat on his seat. He strode over immediately and knocked over the wine bottles beside him. A 'bang!' sounded as the glass shattered and he tried to use his dirty hands to fondle Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue smacked Jia Dongkun's hand away. "Get lost."

The crisp slap reddened the back of Jia Dongkun's hand, and it started to swell up. It was obvious how much force Yun Bixue had just applied.

"Hey, missy, stop acting as if you like it rough. The Yun family is already in shambles, and yet you're still acting up against me. Haha, but I do like feisty ladies like you, so exciting. Tsk, tsk..."

The Du family brothers cheered on at the side. "Brother Dongkun, seeing how distant this beauty is, she doesn't seem to fancy you!"

Another woman beside them snickered shyly, "Hehe. Elder Brother Jia, Miss Yun has already hooked up with Young Master Xie, why would she drink with you? She has her own backers and is indeed quite the big shot."

"That's right, who dares to offend Young Master Xie? The thought of it is already terrifying!" another woman spoke, and she gazed at Yun Bixue provokingly.


By this point, Jia Dongkun was tipsy, and since everyone was throwing in their own insults, he grew increasingly muddled. "Bah! How dare the ruined Yun family put down my Jia family? Do you even know who backs my family? Haha, Young Master Xie? He's just an outsider who thinks he can wield control over Ning An City...!" Jia Dongkun yelled in anger.

Seeing that Yun Bixue had turned up without an invitation, Su Lengxian was already displeased. However, watching how the crowd mocked Yun Bixue, there was no doubt that she felt ecstatic." Jia Dongkun, Miss Yun and my elder brother used to be together, but the person he liked was Meng Xinyan and definitely not her. Rumor has it that she had many suitors when she was in university. But because she rejected them all, everyone decided that the one who can finally capture her heart is a real man."

"Ah, the person that Miss Yun has set her eyes on is Young Master Xie!"

"How impressive can Young Master Xie be? My ice beauty, you should come with me. I'll make sure to give you a life of luxury. Haha..." As he spoke, the stench of alcohol gushed out of his mouth.

Yun Bixue watched the crowd's behavior coldly, and she scoffed. They were truly birds of the same feather. Tonight, because they dared to harm Xie Limo and herself, she would let everyone witness what she was capable of.

Before her eyes, Jia Dongkun attempted to reach for her with his lecherous hands again. Yun Bixue picked up a glass bottle and slammed it against the table. A crisp crashing sound reverberated, stunning everyone in the room.

The glass fragments scattered all over the floor, splashing alcohol everywhere. The initially bustling room was instantly engulfed in absolute silence.

Bang! The sound of a second bottle being smashed against the table was heard. Yun Bixue propped a leg on the table and held the remnants of the glass bottle in her hand.

"Want to see more? Then repeat everything that you just said!" Yun Bixue voice was piercingly cold as her penetrating gaze swept across everyone in the room.

Everyone was momentarily stupefied by Yun Bixue's murderous aura. Gracing the scene were pampered children from affluent families who had never seen such violence. Horrified, they held their tongues. They all had a hunch that if they spoke, they would end up like that glass bottle.

Yun Bixue sneered, "Why aren't you talking? Jia Dongkun, is it? Your family can't even be considered royalty. At best, it got rich through unscrupulous means, and yet you're still trying to brag."

Jia Dongkun recovered from his shock and trembled, almost sobering up completely. Being ridiculed by Yun Bixue and then looking at his peers' expressions, he called out immediately, "Haha, you want to play with me? Let's see if you can handle it. Call the others, I want to see who can look more imposing." With that, he kicked away the stool by his side and grabbed a glass bottle, almost slamming it on Yun Bixue's head.

In that moment, everyone snapped out of their trances and suddenly felt emboldened. Why were they afraid of Yun Bixue? She was merely boasting about her power and wouldn't really dare to try anything. They were all members of royal families.

"Elder Brother, you're so great!"

"Brother Jia, that's a good point. What's so great about hooking up with Young Master Xie? We don't even know how many lovers Young Master Xie has had. It might amount to nothing tomorrow, haha!"


Yun Bixue narrowed her eyes sharply. Seeing that Jia Dongkun's bottle was about to crash down on her head, she twisted her body slightly and reached out with one hand. In an instant, she gripped onto Jia Dongkun's wrist. A 'snap!' sound rang clearly; she'd twisted Jia Dongkun's wrist and broken it.

"Ah...!" An agonized voice cried out. Everyone was reeling in disbelief.

Yun Bixue cackled coldly right after. Pressing Jia Dongkun's dirty hand on the table covered with glass shards, she then slammed the broken bottle into the back of that hand.

"Ah... Ah...!" A harrowing scream came out of Jia Dongkun's mouth. His body was shivering in pain, and the glass bottle had penetrated half of his hand. He was bleeding profusely.

"Ahhh!" Some ladies couldn't handle such a scene and started screaming. They dashed cowardly to the door to escape, but the doorknob simply refused to budge.

Yun Bixue curled her lips and laughed. Shortly after they entered, Yang Mei had left to lock the door from outside. Tonight, no one was allowed to think about escaping.

"It's too late to feel afraid now. If you wish to hurt Xie Limo and me, let's see if you have what it takes!" Yun Bixue said flatly as she looked around, but her eyes were cold.

She recalled that the families of these people were ganging up to bring Xie Limo down. If they succeeded, Xie Limo's political career would come to an end, and he would most likely be banished from Ning An City by its citizens.

She remembered how she had experienced a period of pain and desolation. If it weren't for Xie Limo, she wouldn't have received any warmth and wouldn't have come back from death's door every time. Perhaps without Xie Limo, she would already be dead. Therefore, she had to protect that warmth that she kept in her heart. Even if her hands were stained with fresh blood, she wouldn't have any second thoughts.

Someone tried to make a call, and Xie Shiyi threw the phone to the ground. They all lunged at Xie Shiyi to try to fight her, but none of them was a match for her.

Trembling, Su Lengxian said, "Yun Bixue, you're so ruthless. My elder brother won't let you off."

"Your elder brother? Ah, he's worse than me. Who cares if he lets me off or not? Today, I'm warning you all that I'll destroy anyone before they can lay a finger on Xie Limo!" Yun Bixue gnashed her teeth as she spoke viciously.

"Ah... Hand... Hand... Mercy..." Jia Dongkun pleaded breathlessly, his hand hurting beyond words.

"So now you feel fear. Go back and tell your family this: if they try to hurt Xie Limo, I'll repay the favor to every single one of you, you, and you..." Yun Bixue pointed at each of them one by one.

"Miss Yun, our families will never do anything to Young Master Xie."

"Yes, yes, ours too..."


Seeing the crowd's attitude change so drastically from before, Yun Bixue laughed. "Those words you just spoke, I heard them loud and clear. Don't ever think about taking them back."