Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 751

Chapter 751 She Waited For Him In The Past

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When Xirong Ziye noticed the sweater that was almost completely finished, his hands shivered as ripples shot through his heart. He sat at the table and stared endlessly at it. Holding it in his hands, he felt that it was extremely precious. He couldnt let it go at all.

As he held it, his heart felt exceptionally heavy. It was so heavy that it almost suffocated him.

Looking at this sweater, he felt all sorts of emotions clashing and weaving within him. He was reminded of his university days. Back then, Bai Yaoyao was the precious daughter of a rich family. Her family background was desirable, and she could have everything that she wanted.

She had bought clothes for him before, but he rejected her. That was why she learned to knit. He recalled a particular winter day when it had snowed. She excitedly lingered at the lobby of his dormitory, holding onto something as she waited patiently.

Everyone told him that Bai Yaoyao was waiting for him downstairs, but he didnt want to go down at all. Back then, he truly didnt feel anything special towards Bai Yaoyao. He merely wished for her to stop pestering him.

As the snow fell outside, the male students felt extremely sorry as they watched Bai Yaoyao wait downstairs. They thought that it was a sin to let a beauty like her wait and suffer.

In order to stop his roommates from letting their imaginations run wild, he could only go downstairs and tell Bai Yaoyao to go back.

However, Bai Yaoyao answered him happily, "Youve finally come down! Ive waited for you for so long." While she spoke, the sparkle in her eyes glowed as brightly as a warm and cozy bonfire. They could seemingly light up the entire night.

Furthermore, she didnt look impatient at all. It was as though it was a huge surprise to be able to see him.

He merely said indifferently, "Go back. Dont wait for me downstairs in the future. Youll just give me trouble."

"Even though you cannot accept my feelings, I still like you. Im already contented doing this. I know that you dont like the clothes that I buy for you, so I personally knitted something for you. Take a l