Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 752

Chapter 752 Those Involved Cannot See Things As Clearly As Those Who Are Not

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The servant heard that the president was talking to her and immediately bowed. “President, it’s a sweater that Miss Bai had knitted.”

Xirong Ziye looked at the sweater and sighed quietly. “I know she knitted it, but she hasn’t finished it.”

The servant replied, “Back then, Miss Bai told us to throw it away, but I thought that it was a pity, so I couldn’t bear to throw it away.”

Hearing those words, Xirong Ziye’s body froze, the sweater almost slipping from his hands. His gaze was deeply locked onto the servant’s eyes as he asked, “Is that true?”

The servant heard the serious tone in the president’s words, making her whole body tremble. She hurriedly answered, “President, I would never dare to lie. I’m telling the truth.”

Xirong Ziye’s heart ached tremendously. She had once hurt all of her fingers to knit for him, but she must have felt utterly disappointed in him when she was knitting this sweater. That was why she asked her servants to throw it away.

He sat on the sofa and placed the sweater on his chest. He tried to imagine how Bai Yaoyao felt as she knitted, and a painful sensation swept across his heart. He looked at the sweater and thought that it pierced his eyes, upsetting him.

He caressed every single thread and finally noticed a red stain on the collar. An odd glint flashed in his eyes as he raised the sweater with both his hands. He stared intently at the stain. When he realized what it was, his hands trembled, and it fell on the floor as his grip slackened in shock.

He was in a daze. He knew that the red stain on the collar was blood. Had she hurt herself?

Xirong Ziye turned around and looked at the servant who was busy tidying up. He asked, “When did she instruct you to throw this away?”

The servant pondered and answered, “It was after Miss Bai saw your wedding date announcement in the news. Her mood turned bad, so she no longer knitted the sweater.”

Xirong Ziye couldn’t calm his heart down. He felt empty, lonely, and in pain. He realized that that was the day that he had decided to leave Bai Yaoyao. That was also the day when he openly declared his love for Xiamu Qingyan in front of the media and decided on their wedding date.

He knew that Bai Yaoyao must have been devastated when she saw the news. Although he couldn’t imagine how she felt, he could understand why she would feel that way.

He shut his eyes, and the expression on his face turned even colder. He stared at the sweater and didn’t sleep for the entire night. The next day, he instructed his servant to bring him knitting needles. When he left, he picked up the sweater and took it with him.

The servant didn’t know what the president was feeling deep down, but they knew that he definitely cared a lot about Miss Bai. As onlookers, they could clearly tell. It wasn’t like what the news had portrayed, and yet the president didn’t understand how he felt.

Those involved cannot see things as clearly as those who are not. However, as subordinates, they had no right to tell the president at all. Therefore, they could only observe quietly. Seeing the lonely departing figure of the president, they felt rather worried.

After staying away for some time, Bai Yaoyao’s heart had also calmed down. She no longer cried uncontrollably at night when she was reminded of Xirong Ziye.

Now, she felt as though her tears had almost dried. Sometimes, she would sit by the bed and stare blankly at the scenery outside. Her heart would feel cold and bare.

During the day, she would occupy herself with all sorts of things and even pester Duan Yanhao. Back then, she thought that a handsome and rich young master like him would surely be hot-tempered. However, she hadn’t expected that Duan Yanhao was so good-natured. Despite being hounded by her, he merely watched her in resignation, not even saying a single word of criticism.

In fact, she just wanted to fill up her life and have a fresh start. However, the moment she stayed still, her thoughts would run wild. To prevent her mind from being swamped with such thoughts, she constantly tried to find something to keep herself occupied.

She raised her head and looked at the time. Picking up her phone, she searched for Duan Yanhao’s number. After hesitating, she dialed his number.