Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 753

Chapter 753 Duan Yanhaos Concern

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After dialing Duan Yanhao’s number, Bai Yaoyao was in a daze. Her heartbeat accelerated, and she abruptly ended the call.

She thought that she shouldn’t keep bothering him like that. It was already late, so she ought to let him rest well. After ending the call, she leaned back and sprawled out on the bed.

She thought about her youth. She used to be a beautiful lady, and she was lively and reckless. After experiencing what happened with Xirong Ziye, her heart had finally settled after so many years. However, she no longer felt as brave when it came to her relationships. She had, indeed, become afraid. She was afraid that if she were to fall in love again, she would get hurt again.

All of a sudden, her phone rang, breaking into her reverie. She turned her head and straightened out her arm, but she couldn’t reach it—her arm wasn’t long enough. Since she didn’t want to move at all, she just watched her phone’s screen flicker while it rang.

After some time, Bai Yaoyao stood up. She picked up her phone and saw that she had a missed call from Duan Yanhao. Why had she been so lazy just now? She suddenly wanted to hit herself desperately. She should have just gotten up and answered that call.

Oh, no. It wouldn’t be nice if she were to return the call now.

Just as she was about to sigh, her phone rang again. It was Duan Yanhao. The corners of Bai Yaoyao’s lips raised unconsciously as she picked up her phone, unlocking it. The moment she pressed the answer button, she said, “Hello?”

“It’s already so late. Why aren’t you sleeping? Are you in a bad mood?” Duan Yanhao’s voice sounded from the other end.

Bai Yaoyao pursed her lips, then replied, “No, but I accidentally called you just now. I was preparing to go to bed!” As she spoke, she wanted to bite her tongue. She didn’t want to pretend to be hard to get. She merely wanted someone to keep her company, even if it was just to chat.

The other end of the phone remained silent, making Bai Yaoyao’s heart shudder. She was gravely afraid that he would be angry. Just as she was about to explain herself, she heard a chuckle. It was a burst of crisp and bright laughter that belonged to a soldier like Duan Yanhao.

Bai Yaoyao asked, “What are you laughing about?”

Duan Yanhao stopped laughing and said, “Bai Yaoyao, you’re still like a little girl.”

Bai Yaoyao rebutted, “Could I be an old lady then? Duan Yanhao, I’m younger than you. You can’t treat me like a lifeless old lady.” While she was saying this, Bai Yaoyao began to smile.

Duan Yanhao’s laughter became louder, and it could be heard clearly through the phone. “Bai Yaoyao, do you think that you’re lifeless sometimes too?”

“Duan Yanhao, I treat you like an elder brother, so you can’t tease me like that. I can still be lively, alright?”

“But, Bai Yaoyao, I seldom see you being lively. You always look like I owe you many things.”

In reality, Bai Yaoyao did have a rather fiery temper. Because she was currently being teased by Duan Yanhao, she revealed her true personality. She rested her hand on her waist and said, “What? Duan Yanhao, when have I ever looked like that? I, your Madam, always look kind, lively, and understanding. Don’t you dare look at me in such a biased manner!”

A sigh sounded from the other end of the line. She could only hear Duan Yanhao say in a resigned voice, “Bai Yaoyao, are you hearing yourself? What Madam? I can’t help it even if you claim not to act like an old lady!”

Bai Yaoyao felt her blood boil deep down. She stomped her feet and raised her voice, saying, “Duan Yanhao, I’ll chop you up into pieces tomorrow!”

“I’ll wait for it. Actually, I’ve planned something for tomorrow. I’m going to do bungee jumping. Do you want to try it?”

When Bai Yaoyao heard the words ‘bungee jumping,’ she felt a little scared. However, she wanted to hide her hesitation from Duan Yanhao, so she said resolutely, “I’ll try it. I’m not afraid!” Although she had never tried bungee jumping, there was nothing that she was afraid of.