Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Its Only Natural For A Man To Wait For A Woman

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Bai Yaoyao replied unhappily, “I understand, Sir. I will go and change now.”

By the time Bai Yaoyao was done changing, it was already nine o’clock. She looked nervously at Duan Yanhao’s expression. After all, soldiers were known to be strict followers of time.

However, Duan Yanhao just gave her a once-over to confirm that her clothes were sufficiently warm. Satisfied with her new outfit, he nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go. I will take you out to eat.”

After getting inside the car, she looked at the indifferent expression on Duan Yanhao’s face and asked in confusion, “Are you not angry, having to wait for me for such a long time?”

Duan Yanhao glanced at Bai Yaoyao with bewilderment tinting his usually indifferent face. “It’s only natural for a man to wait for a woman, so why would I be angry?”

That statement touched at the deepest parts of Bai Yaoyao’s heart, and she shivered involuntarily.

She suddenly thought about how silly she was in the past. When she was still in school, she was always the one waiting for Xirong Ziye. Sometimes, Xirong Ziye would become impatient at having to wait just a minute.

It was tiring just thinking about it. No wonder people always said that women had to find a guy with high EQ who adored you. If he adored you, you would be treated like a princess. And if he didn’t, you would just be his slave.

Bai Yaoyao sucked in a breath and mulled over it. If Duan Yanhao didn’t mind having her, she would stick with him. She wanted to start over anew. The time they spent together made her understand that Duan Yanhao was a reliable and trustworthy man.

The only problem was that he looked too cool. She felt that other women would always be sneaking glances at him.

When Bai Yaoyao was deep in her thoughts, a hamburger and soymilk were suddenly held out in front of her. Whiffing the nice smell, she raised her head and looked at the concern in Duan Yanhao’s eyes, which were as gentle as the moonlight.

Bai Yaoyao couldn’t get enough of that look in his eyes.

“Bai Yaoyao, did you become slow-witted just because we are going bungee jumping later? If you don’t eat breakfast, are you sure that you will have enough energy to climb? Don’t forget that you said that you weren’t afraid.”

With this taunt from Duan Yanhao, Bai Yaoyao took the hamburger and started eating. After finishing it, she drank the warm soymilk, which warmed her entire body. This was the first time in her life that a guy had prepared breakfast for her. Even if it was store-bought, she was still immensely satisfied.

Because of that feeling of contentment, her eyes crinkled unconsciously into crescents as she smiled. Her magnificent aura toned down to a much gentler one, and the lonely air around her seemed to disperse a little.

Duan Yanhao was a high-ranking officer, so he was sensitive to his surroundings. Naturally, he could tell that the breakfast brightened Bai Yaoyao’s mood. His lips tilted up slightly as he thought that she was pretty easy to satisfy.

When Bai Yaoyao was about to begin her hike, she received a phone call from Yun Bilu. After telling Bilu that she was going to climb a mountain, a startled screech came over from the phone. “Ahh! Elder Sister Yaoyao, I won’t intrude anymore. Go ahead and have fun! Ahaha!”

Without waiting for Bai Yaoyao’s reply, Yun Bilu hung up the phone excitedly.

Yun Bilu jumped excitedly around the dorm. When Xiao Nan came back and saw Bilu smiling mischievously, it sent shivers down her spine.

“Little Lulu, are you plotting against Young Master Huang again? Your expression scares me.”

When Chu Xin came in as well, she waved her hands flippantly and remarked, “Of course, our Little Lulu is in her springtime. That’s why she didn’t come back for a while. She probably spent a few days with Young Master Huang outside. What are we supposed to do after seeing her like this?” After she said this, she placed her bag by the bed, and she exaggeratedly clutched at her heart.