Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Shes Really Small

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Bai Yaoyao carefully considered Duan Yanhao’s words and observed his serious expression. She let out a deep breath and asked, “Major Duan, are you teaching me like how you would teach a female soldier?”

Duan Yanhao twitched his brow as he turned to look at the peak of the mountain, his gaze distant. “Do you think I have so much time to personally teach female soldiers?”

In other words, Bai Yaoyao was very honored to receive the Major’s personal guidance.

The walking stick was cheap, but she could only bite on her thumb and look enviously at the other people who were using it.

Duan Yanhao moved forward and turned around to look at Bai Yaoyao, who was still standing at the same spot. Following her gaze, his eyebrows twitched once again. “Let’s go. Don’t look at it. Even if you look, you won’t be able to buy it. If we reach the halfway mark by noon, we can eat a meal too.”

Bai Yaoyao’s eyes were glued on the walking sticks. She hated that she couldn’t just stick herself on it.

Duan Yanhao observed Bai Yaoyao’s expressions, which carried traces of cuteness and innocence to them. It was hard to imagine why a lady like her suffered so much from her past relationship.

Although Bai Yaoyao didn’t talk about her past, he could tell at a single glance.

He couldn’t even fathom it. What kind of man would bear to abandon Bai Yaoyao?

Bai Yaoyao walked forward slowly, looking around at her surroundings. Duan Yanhao pulled her and said, “Don’t look around. Be careful and watch where you’re stepping. It’s steep here, so it’s easy to fall!”

Bai Yaoyao looked at her hand, which was grabbed by Duan Yanhao. Her heart trembled as she felt somewhat bitter. She recalled how Xirong Ziye would never turn around and help her even if she was tired.

Because she had never experienced the feeling of being cared for by another person, Duan Yanhao’s gentleman-like manners tugged at her deepest heartstrings.

Bai Yaoyao calmed the turmoil within her as she raised her head to look at him. “Duan Yanhao, thank you!” As she spoke, her eyes shone radiantly. They were so clear and beautiful, capable of captivating people.

Duan Yanhao’s stiff expression softened momentarily. “What are you thanking me for?”

Bai Yaoyao paused and thought about it. He was right. What was she thanking him for? Thank you for talking to me patiently? Thank you for treating me nicely? Thank you for accompanying me even during my sad times? Or was she thanking him for something else?

She didn’t know as well. She just felt that it was easier to forget about her painful past when she was with Duan Yanhao.

Looking at Bai Yaoyao’s furrowed brows, Duan Yanhao replied, “Don’t think too much about it. Let’s continue our hike now. If you’re hungry or thirsty, I have snacks and water in my backpack.”

Bai Yaoyao touched her stomach before shaking her head. “I ate breakfast earlier, so I’m neither hungry nor thirsty.”

Duan Yanhao nodded. “That means you still have the strength. Let’s go!”

Bai Yaoyao followed behind Duan Yanhao’s steps as he dragged her along. While looking at his back, she asked, “Duan Yanhao, why is your stamina so good?”

“It’s the result of training. If you become a soldier in the future, you can train your stamina. But before that, you cannot be scared of the hard work.”

After a while, Bai Yaoyao saw a cable car not too far away from the mountain. She grabbed Duan Yanhao’s wrist in excitement and piped up, “Duan Yanhao, there’s a cable car there. We can take it and reach the peak.” As she spoke, she bounced on the spot.

Duan Yanhao looked at the excited Bai Yaoyao, who was hopping like a tiny rabbit in front of him. It made him feel that she was really, really small.

She was wearing flat shoes, so she only reached his chin. If he hugged her like this, she would definitely feel exceptionally light.

Looking at the silent Duan Yanhao, she tugged his arm again and said, “Duan Yanhao, did you see? It’s really a cable car!”