Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 759

Chapter 759 Stubborn And Domineering Major

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Bai Yaoyao was excited upon seeing the cable car. She thought that she wouldn’t have to climb anymore, so she was acting like a child who wanted her toy.

Duan Yanhao’s thin lips trembled slightly. “Yes, I see it.” Of course, he knew that there was a cable car there.

Bai Yaoyao gasped. “You knew that there was a cable car there?” She wanted to ask why they weren’t taking the cable car, but after looking at his cold expression, she didn’t ask.

Naturally, Duan Yanhao knew what Bai Yaoyao was thinking about. She was really acting like a child who wanted her toy. His cold heart melted easily, but after remembering that Bai Yaoyao wanted to be a soldier in the future, he knew that he couldn’t be soft to her. “We aren’t taking the cable car. We have to climb up on foot.”

Bai Yaoyao stomped her feet in displeasure. With a hand on her waist, she tilted her chin up in defiance and said, “Duan Yanhao, I’m here for bungee jumping, not for mountain climbing!”

Duan Yanhao looked at how Bai Yaoyao acted like a puffed up and enraged cat, and a gentle glint flashed across his eyes. However, his expression remained the same. “If you want to reach the top, you must go through the process of climbing the mountain without taking any shortcuts.” After saying this, he promptly turned around and continued to climb.

Bai Yaoyao stomped her feet as she pouted at his departing figure. “Stubborn and bossy male chauvinist!”

Duan Yanhao turned around and looked at Bai Yaoyao. “Why are you’re still standing there? Bai Yaoyao, are you sure you are a determined individual who isn’t scared of hard work? Do you think you can become an outstanding female soldier?”

Hearing his words, Bai Yaoyao wilted immediately and followed behind him.

After another hour of climbing, Bai Yaoyao ran out of stamina. Duan Yanhao sat down beside her and passed her some snacks. “Eat and rest a little. Just a little more and we will reach the south gate. When we reach there, we can have a meal.”

The snack that Duan Yanhao passed her was her favorite durian pastry.

She couldn’t help but lick her lips. She really wanted to eat it, but she was still angry at him.

Duan Yanhao always had a good temper. Looking at Bai Yaoyao’s conflicted expression, he said, “You don’t like it? If you’re not eating, I will finish it.”

At Duan Yanhao’s taunt, Bai Yaoyao grabbed the pastry, eating them in big mouthfuls. She took forceful bites, as though she was chewing on Duan Yanhao.

When Bai Yaoyao was almost done, Duan Yanhao passed her a bottle of water. “Eat slowly, or you’ll choke.”

Bai Yaoyao took the bottle of water and asked in astonishment, “Duan Yanhao, you have taken care of others in the past as well, right?” What she actually meant to ask was whether he had a girlfriend in the past, but it wasn’t very nice of her to ask that question. She just felt that Duan Yanhao was very attentive. With a single glance, she knew that he was good at taking care of others.

As if thinking of something, the rough edges of Duan Yanhao’s expression softened.

Bai Yaoyao felt uncomfortable looking at his expression. Could he be thinking of another girl?

Just when Bai Yaoyao was feeling a little down, Duan Yanhao replied, “My father takes care of my mother, so I simply learned from them.”

Without knowing why, Bai Yaoyao heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. She really wanted to find out if he had a girlfriend before, but she held it in. After all, she had her past as well, so how could she ask about another’s past just like that?

After resting, both of them reached the south gate. Duan Yanhao took Bai Yaoyao to a restaurant at the side, and the manager welcomed them personally. Although he was respectful, he kept looking at Bai Yaoyao with curiosity and bewilderment.

Bai Yaoyao tugged Duan Yanhao’s clothing and made a beckoning gesture with her finger, indicating that she wanted Duan Yanhao to lower his head so she could whisper into his ears.