Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 76

Chapter 76: A Small Punishment

"Yun Bixue, don't go overboard!" Although deep down Su Lengxian was afraid, she still felt secure. She thought that with her elder brother around, Yun Bixue wouldn't dare to mistreat her.

With a slapping sound, Yun Bixue mercilessly hit her face.

Su Lengxian covered half of her face and looked at Yun Bixue in disbelief. "You dare to hit me?"

"Of course I dare to hit you. Su Lengxian, for so many years you've pulled tons of tricks and bad-mouthed me. It's all because of you that your brother and I landed in this state now!" After slapping Su Lengxian, Yun Bixue felt pleased deep down. She had long disliked Su Lengxian but had put up with her time and time again. With the opportunity right in front of her, it would be a waste not to hit her.

Su Lengxian yelled, "Let's go all out!" With that, she lunged forward, attempting to pull at Yun Bixue's hair.

To Yun Bixue's surprise, Su Lengxian caught her hair, and the excruciating pain made her gasp. Enduring the pain, she reached out her hands and clutched firmly onto Su Lengxian's neck, strangling her.

"Cough, cough..." Su Lengxian was choking through her pain, but her hand continued to tug strongly at Yun Bixue's hair.

Yun Bixue felt as if her hair was getting ripped off her head and her hands tightened their grip. "Su Lengxian, if you don't wish to die, then let me go."

"Cough, cough..." Su Lengxian felt like she was suffocating. Her vision gradually turned darker and darker, and her hands lost its force.

Just when she feared that she was going to die, Yun Bixue instead let go of her grip. Her whole body abruptly collapsed onto the ground as she fought to catch her breath. She desperately needed to breathe in fresh air.

Earlier, she had really felt that Yun Bixue was acting with the intent to kill. Yun Bixue was never like this, how could she have become so horrifying?

Yun Bixue tidied her hair and rubbed her wrists. Looking at the bewildered looks on everyone's faces, she laughed coldly, "If there's anyone else who'd like to declare their intentions to hurt Xie Limo and me, make yourself known. If you can be that fearless, then I can only admire your courage."

After one sweeping look, no one answered. Inside the quiet room, only Jia Dongkun's moaning and Su Lengxian's loud breathing could be heard.

"Oh right, the people who were mocking Xie Limo and me earlier on, you'd better own up now. I'll give you one minute. If you're unwilling to slap yourself, then you slap someone else. Whoever hits the hardest, I will let them leave depending on my satisfaction." Yun Bixue felt that experiencing such superiority was amazing. No wonder everyone fought to climb high on the social ladder, wishing to dominate over others.

"Since you rejected both options, then I will count to three. On the count of three, I might consider slapping you with the glass bottles! One, two"

Before Yun Bixue had finished counting to three, the room reverberated with slapping sounds.

"Ah, you b*tch Wang, you really hit me! I'm going to cut your face!"

"Yes, I did hit you. You always dress so pretentiously as if you're so sweet and kind-hearted, but you're just a cheap person down to your core!"

"Elder Brother Du, come quickly and help me..."

"Ah, you're not a man! How dare you hit a woman...? I'm going to kill you!"


The scene immediately turned chaotic, and Yun Bixue watched the spectacle with great satisfaction. Suddenly, from out of her peripheral vision, she noticed a woman who had remained silent throughout. It was Shen Jingcui. She looked plain and had almost no presence.

Suddenly, she saw the jade pendant hanging on her ear. Yun Bixue's eyes lit up, and she was just about to stand up.

Bang! The room's door was flung open. The manager of the Luxury Emperor entered, followed by five or six security guards.

"What happened?" Manager Sun looked at the scene before his eyes and his head pounded. These guests were backed by Ning An City's affluent families. For them to encounter trouble on the grounds of the Luxury Emperor, it would be too troublesome to handle.

When he saw that someone had arrived, Jia Dongkun immediately bawled and whined, "Quick, it's Yun Bixue...! She wants to murder us...! My hand... Ah... My hand...!" After seeing his rescuers, his courage started to climb.

Young Master Du who had just delivered a tight slap hid his hand straightaway. "That's right, Manager Sun. Take a look! Miss Yun is so gutsy, attacking the children of royalty."

"Manager Sun, get someone to arrest her. Otherwise, my Su family will not let you off." "

"And the Zheng family too..."


Yun Bixue scoffed and then lazily rose from her seat. "Manager Sun, you witnessed it too. They were slapping each other, so what does that have to do with me?" While she spoke, she gave Jia Dongkun a kick. Sneering at him, she said, "He's actually not that manly, he even ended up peeing in his pants!"

Everyone did smell a pungent aroma and looked at Jia Dongkun with even greater contempt.

Upon recognizing that she was Yun Bixue, Manager Son put on an awkward expression but still approached her courteously. "I see Miss Yun has arrived. You should have informed me that you were coming, and I would have arranged the best room for you. There was no need for you to be ridiculed here." What a joke, the Luxury Emperor secretly belonged to Young Master Xie! Although he was resistant to scoldings, he was also just here to make a living. The person before him was under the protection of Young Master Xie, and he didn't dare to offend her.

Yun Bixue walked righteously towards the room entrance. "Yes, Manager Sun, you should know what happened. I heard some people talking bad about Xie Limo, and they said he wasn't worthy. They wanted to chase him out of Ning An City so that he couldn't have power over it. Tsk, tsk. Ning An City's royalty is indeed rich and overbearing. Such confident words." As she spoke, she gave an ambiguous look over at Shen Jingcui who was standing in a dark corner.

There was truly more than meets the eye to this woman. It seemed like the Shen family had to reassess their understanding of her.

After hearing that it was a matter regarding Young Master Xie, Manager Sun fumed and almost kicked up a storm. After he sent away Yun Bixue, he personally handled the matter.

The crowd who had initially wanted to punish Yun Bixue could only be escorted out of the Luxury Emperor feeling resigned. The reason was that their injuries had nothing to do with Yun Bixue and had ensued from hitting each other. They could only swallow their anger this time.

Before they could even seek revenge from their respective families, a whole set of photos had been sent to the Jia, Du, Shen, Zheng and other families.

The heads of each family instantly seethed with anger, and they came together to discuss how to seek justice for their child. The families had already formed an alliance, but because of these photos, they started questioning each others' motives. It was unacceptable for the children of their own families to be hit by someone else, regardless of whether they were valued.

When Su Lengxian arrived home, she dashed into her elder brother's room right away. With a slam, she opened the door. When she saw the scene inside, she froze in her steps.

She widened her eyes and gawked at the sight before her. "Brother... Brother... You... You..." The brother who was elegant and respectable in her eyes was half-dressed and in his embrace was a naked Meng Xinyan.

This scene pierced her heart, causing it to ache. It shouldn't be like this, it should never be like this. Even though she knew, but why did this moment feel so unbearable?

Compared to Yun Bixue, Su Lengxian was fond of Meng Xinyan. However, at this moment, she felt that she had been wrongMeng Xinyan had also stolen her older brother away from her.

"Get lost!" Su Lenghan frowned as he looked at Su Lengxian standing by the door.