Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 760

Chapter 760 In Search Of The Innocence She Lost

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Duan Yanhao lowered his head like he was expected to, and Bai Yaoyao stood on her tiptoes before whispering into his ears, “That manager is so weird. Does he know your military rank? Also, he kept looking at me. I find it so weird and uncomfortable.”

Hearing Bai Yaoyao’s words, Duan Yanhao’s gaze chilled several degrees. He swept a glance at the manager, and the latter immediately began to sweat profusely, not daring to look at Bai Yaoyao.

He was just curious about the woman beside Young Master Duan. If the Duan family knew about it, would it cause an uproar? However, he didn’t dare to offend Young Master Duan either, so he could only pretend that he didn’t see anything.

Because it was a popular tourist spot, there were many people, so the restaurant was always packed. Despite this, the manager still brought them to the private room on the second floor respectfully.

Bai Yaoyao gasped when she looked at the scenery from the window. “It’s so beautiful here. You can see almost everything from here. Duan Yanhao, take a look!”

Looking at how excited Bai Yaoyao was, he swept a glance across the view before saying plainly, “Yes, I saw.”

Bai Yaoyao put both her hands on the window sill as she leaned out with an amazed look. “You don’t know how to appreciate it. It feels nice just looking at the scenery here.” She had always been closed off because of the relationship she had before, so it had been a long time since she went out for leisure. The hike today lifted up her spirits and made her more cheerful.

She realized that there were more important and meaningful things in life—she couldn’t just be trapped in her own relationship.

After lunch, Duan Yanhao arranged for Bai Yaoyao to rest on the third floor as he sat by the window, his expression unreadable.

The manager walked over and bowed respectfully. “Young Master Duan, that woman, she…”

“She’s not someone you can ask about!”


“And don’t say anything to my family yet.”

“Young Master Duan, you can rest assured. I won’t make any mistakes.”

“Good to know.”

Bai Yaoyao was indeed tired from the hike. She rubbed her feet before falling asleep on the bed. Without knowing how long she had slept, she woke up when she heard the voice of someone calling out to her. When she opened her eyes and saw Duan Yanhao’s exquisite face, she sat up immediately and stammered. “Y-You… Why are you here?”

Duan Yanhao’s mouth twitched. “I said that you could sleep for half an hour, but it’s been more than two hours now. Didn’t you set the alarm?”

Bai Yaoyao unlocked her phone only to see that it was three in the afternoon. She rubbed her head and said, “I forgot to set the alarm.” At this place, with the soothing breeze blowing at her, it was easy to relax and fall asleep.

“Fix your hair and wash up. We will continue with the hike.”


When Bai Yaoyao finished washing up, she suddenly realized that she had been following all of Duan Yanhao’s instructions. If he said to go east, she never went west. Oh no, this was bad!

Bai Yaoyao angrily picked up her bag and was about to argue with him. Why should she always listen to him? However, when she reached the corridor, she saw Duan Yanhao leaning on the railing with a distant gaze, his figure seemed a little lonely.

She paused in her steps as her heart trembled. She felt that Duan Yanhao was probably a person with a past as well. If he weren’t, he wouldn’t be emitting such a cold aura.

Bai Yaoyao composed herself before revealing a bright smile. She walked over and stood beside Duan Yanhao. “What are you looking at? Does it look as good as me?” Bai Yaoyao was a girl who loved to tease and smile when she was a teen. In order to cheer Duan Yanhao up, she tried her best to find the innocence that she had lost.