Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 762

Chapter 762 Carrying You Down The Mountain

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As Duan Yanhao patted her back, Bai Yaoyao began to cough loudly. She wanted to cry but couldnt shed any tears. She really wanted to tell him to stop patting her, or she would pass out from it. Her bones were almost shattering. Really, what was this guy thinking? He didnt even know what it was like to pamper a girl!

At that moment, Bai Yaoyao felt utterly drained. She didnt have an ounce of energy left in her. She couldnt even gather enough strength to raise her arms, much less stand properly.

If Duan Yanhao didnt hold onto her, she would have collapsed to the ground.

Bai Yaoyao wailed continuously between fits of cough.

Duan Yanhao held Bai Yaoyao patiently. He thought that he was already comforting her very gently, yet she was still trembling as he watched her.

"Bai Yaoyao, if youre really unwell, Ill get a helicopter to send you to the hospital."

Bai Yaoyao waved her hand weakly and shook her head. She couldnt go to the hospital and let Xirong Ziye find her. Moreover, she wasnt that fragile, and she absolutely didnt want Duan Yanhao to look down on her.

After a long while, Bai Yaoyao finally felt better. She regained some strength and let out a deep breath quietly. At this moment, Duan Yanhao offered her a handkerchief to wipe her mouth.

Bai Yaoyao wiped her mouth unceremoniously. When she raised her head to look at Duan Yanhao, she asked bluntly, "Duan Yanhao, were you trying to kill me just now?"

The look in Duan Yanhaos eyes changed. He didnt understand what she was trying to say.

Bai Yaoyaos blood was boiling, and she couldnt help but add, "Duan Yanhao, can you not exert so much force? My bones were breaking!"

Duan Yanhao was stunned. Lowering his head, he looked at his hand. He thought that he had already been very gentle, so how could he have hurt her? He couldnt comprehend how weak women really were. How could they not even handle this?

"Bai Yaoyao, your bones are too weak."

Hearing those words, Bai Yaoyao almost coughed out blood. Duan Yanhao was simply getting on her nerves. He could have just comforted her a little! She wasnt that fragile!

Bai Yaoyao said furiously, "Now you know. You shouldnt hit me so hard in the future ever again."

Seeing the animated expressions on Bai Yaoyaos face, the contours of Duan Yanhaos face hardened. He released his grip on her arm, thinking that he could possibly crush her if he exerted more force.

Noticing that Duan Yanhao remained silent, Bai Yaoyao stole a glance at him. She wondered if she had been too harsh on him. He had just brought her out to have fun. Furthermore, she had screamed so loudly earlier, and she felt somewhat embarrassed.

"Erm, Duan Yanhao, I know youre a soldier. In the future, you should just be gentler when you touch a woman. Its rather late now. Lets go down the mountain!"

Duan Yanhao nodded and held onto Bai Yaoyao as they carefully descended.

After some time, Duan Yanhao realized that Bai Yaoyaos complexion was still ashen, and her forehead was dripping with sweat. His expression shifted, and his grip on her arm tightened uncontrollably.

Bai Yaoyao gasped. "Duan Yanhao, be gentler"

Duan Yanhao pursed his lips, then asked, "Bai Yaoyao, are you feeling very unwell? You look terrible."

Bai Yaoyao shook her head. "Im fine. Maybe Im too exhausted. I just feel nauseous and dizzy, but Ill be fine once I go home and get some rest."

However, the more they walked, the more her head spun and her body wobbled. Eventually, Duan Yanhao couldnt take it anymore and carried her in his arms. "Ill carry you down the mountain."

Bai Yaoyao slapped Duan Yanhaos arm gently. "Everyones looking at us! Hurry up and let me down. I can walk on my own." She didnt want to be on the Country Es news.

Moreover, her screams earlier had already attracted the attention of a lot of people. She thought that many of them had also misunderstood that she was Duan Yanhaos girlfriend. Some of them were even looking at them enviously.