Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 765

Chapter 765 Taking Responsibility After Taking Advantage

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Huang Yize saw the trust in Yun Bilu’s shining eyes. He patted her head and said, “Listen to what your heart is telling you.”

Yun Bilu giggled. “Does that mean that you think the same?”

“Yun Bilu, you have to be sure. She is your Elder Sister Yaoyao, and I offered my help because of you. The key lies in you. How can I not know what you’re thinking?” Huang Yize almost couldn’t contain his laughter. If his subordinates were to find out that their young master was helping someone else about their relationship, they would be so surprised.

Yun Bilu leaped and wound her arms around Huang Yize’s neck, giggling with delight. “We won’t go then. I’ll come up with an excuse later and say that our car broke down. We can’t go anymore.”


As they spoke, Yun Bilu looked at the night sky and couldn’t bear to let Huang Yize go. She let her arms rest against his neck and swayed, not letting go at all.

Huang Yize felt choked and uncomfortable, but seeing how happy she was, he didn’t say anything. He merely stood still and allowed her to hug him.

After a while, Huang Yize raised his hand and looked at the time. “It’s late. You need to go back to sleep. If you don’t return now, you won’t be in time for curfew, and you’ll have to sleep outside.” As he spoke, he tried to remove Yun Bilu’s hands from his neck.

Yun Bilu refused to budge and let go. She said indifferently, “I have a place to stay anyway. If I can’t go back, I’ll just stay outside.”

Huang Yize felt rather helpless but couldn’t bear to scold her. “Yun Bilu, are you afraid of nothing now? You’re growing braver and braver.” She knew that he tried very hard to hold himself back every time they stayed in his villa.

Yun Bilu giggled. “You’d be around anyway. Why would I be afraid?”

“Yun Bilu, you just turned twenty. You’re still too young. Do you know what will happen if we stay too long together in the villa?” As he spoke, a dark glint flashed in his eyes. They looked as though strong waves were crashing through them.

Yun Bilu looked at Huang Yize’s gaze, and her heart trembled. Leaning against his neck, she answered, “I know.”

“Then why are you still sticking so close to me?”

Yun Bilu breathed in the faint aroma of Huang Yize’s body and replied, “You’re the cold one.”

Huang Yize’s head throbbed. In a deep voice, he whispered into Yun Bilu’s ear, “If I weren’t calm and collected, I would’ve swallowed you already. Do you understand?”

Yun Bilu raised her head and smiled at him. “I’ll be devoured by you sooner or later anyway. Or you’ll get devoured by me!” Deep down, she had already prepared herself. She just wanted to be together with Huang Yize and intended to stay together for a long time. Even if she couldn’t last with him, she wouldn’t have any regrets.

Huang Yize burst into laughter. Leaning down, he kissed her lips and said, “Yun Bilu, you’re not reserved at all.”

“Huang Yize, if I’m reserved, would I still be me? Back then, I pursued you so madly and finally moved you.”

Hearing those words, Huang Yize tightened his embrace around Yun Bilu’s waist. A wicked glint flashed across his exquisite eyes as he patted her head. He thought that it was fortunate that this girl had met him. If it were someone else, he wouldn’t feel assured due to her pure nature.

Yun Bilu was on cloud nine. She leaned further into his embrace and thought that it felt really wonderful. Her efforts had paid off indeed. Of course, she wouldn’t have expected that right at the start.

She had already entered Huang Yize life like a ray of sunlight, warming and lighting up his heart.

“Yes, you’re the best. Be good and listen to me, okay? Go back to your room first. You’ll still have to call Elder Sister Yaoyao. Don’t keep her waiting.” As Huang Yize spoke, he held Yun Bilu’s hand and tried to pull her towards the female dormitories.