Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 766

Chapter 766 The Storm Inside Young Master Huang

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Huang Yize pulled Yun Bilu’s hand and walked nonstop to the female dormitory. Yun Bilu trailed behind, reluctant to leave.

Huang Yize stopped in his tracks and asked in a resigned voice, “Why are you so stubborn today?”

Yun Bilu noticed a lamppost by the side and hurriedly ran over to hug it. She simply refused to budge. No matter how hard Huang Yize pulled her, she shook her head. “No, I want to be stubborn today.”

Huang Yize turned around and looked at Yun Bilu. With a hand in his pocket, he looked at her intently. Keeping his cool, he said, “Be good and go back to the dorm. What would you say if the student union asks you about it? Don’t you care about the penalty points anymore?”

Yun Bilu tilted her head to the side and leaned against the lamppost. She said grudgingly, “I’m not afraid of receiving penalty points. You call the shots in the student union. They wouldn’t dare to deduct my points if you do something, would they? Also, did you get them to pay close attention to my attendance in the dormitory?”

Huang Yize’s eyes lit up as his lips gently parted. Had this girl finally smartened up?

Seeing that Huang Yize remained quiet, Yun Bilu knew that she had guessed correctly. “Huang Yize, it’s all because of you. Hmph! I’m angry now. I refuse to go back tonight.” She didn’t know what was wrong with her tonight either, but she simply felt weird. She wanted to do whatever she wants without considering the consequences.

After a while, Huang Yize didn’t say anything else. He simply stood at the same spot and watched Yun Bilu solemnly. Just as her heart accelerated, he raised his brows, and a bewitching glint flashed across his eyes. “Yun Bilu, are you sure you don’t want to go back tonight?”

Huang Yize’s voice was too deep and intoxicating, making Yun Bilu’s heart beat in a crazy rhythm. Watching how the street lights illuminated his face, he radiated an intimidatingly noble aura. He was as majestic as a king, and she gulped as she nodded her head.

Right after Yun Bilu nodded, Huang Yize reached out his hand and pulled Yun Bilu into his arms. After a tight embrace, he grabbed her hand and walked briskly towards the car.

He flung Yun Bilu into the passenger’s seat and started the car. He sped to the villa and tapped his card into the yard. After parking the car, he alighted in a flash and pulled Yun Bilu out of the passenger’s seat, dragging her into the villa.

Yun Bilu’s mind was still in a daze, and she was unable to react in time. She stumbled as she tried to keep up with Huang Yize’s pace.

The moment they entered the villa, Huang Yize slammed the door shut immediately. He pushed her against the door, his body pressing against her. Trapping her within his arms, he kissed her madly and thoroughly.

These kisses rained down like a storm, making Yun Bilu unable to process her thoughts, much less react to them. She was entirely secured within his arms, and she grabbed Huang Yize’s clothes helplessly. She could only passively respond to his touches.

This was her first time having such a crazy experience, and she simply couldn’t handle it.

After a while, she felt his warmth spreading across her body. He left kisses all over her body, shedding her of her clothes. Her pure eyes were tainted with a tint of confusion, and her cheeks were stained red.

“Ohh…” She couldn’t catch her breath, but Huang Yize refused to let go.

Yun Bilu felt nervous and afraid deep down, but she also full of anticipation. Her usual confident and bold demeanor had become exceptionally quiet.

When Huang Yize’s lips pressed against her neck, he left a hickey, like a red petal on her skin. Yun Bilu’s body turned incredibly soft. Her legs felt like they had turned into jelly, and she couldn’t stand up anymore. With Huang Yize’s arms supporting her, she could only lean against him for support.

Yun Bilu struggled restlessly. Huang Yize held her arm and instructed, “Don’t move.”