Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 768

Chapter 768 Faintly Discernible

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Under the light’s illumination, Yun Bilu’s skin appeared even fairer and smoother. It was so bright, glowing attractively under the warm light. In particular, her chest became faintly discernible.

Yun Bilu hadn’t even realized it herself. She had been anxiously looking for her phone to find Bai Yaoyao’s phone number.

Her long hair was splayed messily across her shoulders, and Huang Yize unintentionally noticed it. Being his precious girl, she reignited the fire within his heart.

Seeing how half of her face was covered, Huang Yize’s gaze turned dark and cold. He reached out his elegant and slender fingers, tucking Yun Bilu’s hair behind her ear. Ripples began to spread through his heart as he did this intimate action.

Yun Bilu followed Huang Yize’s hand and tidied her hair too. Feeling conflicted, she asked, “Oh, no! We forgot all about Elder Sister Yaoyao earlier. She won’t be angry, right?” As she spoke, she hurriedly dialed her number.

However, after two calls, no one answered. Yun Bilu began to feel nervous. She shoved the blanket off her and was about to get off the bed. “Nothing bad happened to Elder Sister Yaoyao, right? Why isn’t anyone answering my calls?” She was usually absent-minded whenever she’s worried about something. While she thought about this matter, she didn’t realize that her clothes had fallen to her waist.

She got off the bed and was about to fix her clothes when she sensed Huang Yize’s silence. Turning around, she met his distant and burning gaze. Following his gaze, she was startled as she realized that she had exposed herself, and she hurriedly pulled the blanket over her body. She stuttered, “Erm, I…” She didn’t know what she was trying to say, so she shut her mouth immediately and stayed silent.

Huang Yize’s gaze was glowing darkly, and an odd glint flashed across his eyes. He looked away and stood up elegantly as he said, “I’ll get someone to check on it. Stay in the house.”

Yun Bilu was in a daze now, and she nodded woodenly. After Huang Yize left the bedroom, she snapped out of her trance and felt her face burning. Her brain had gone haywire, not knowing how to react at all. She fixed her clothes and walked to the mirror. Seeing the red spots on her neck, she thought they looked like cherry blossoms blooming all over her skin.

She gasped in shock and covered her neck. How could she let anyone see her neck like that? She finally understood the difference between mosquito bites and the traces after a night of passion. Sighing, she recalled those times when she used to naively think that the red marks on her female classmates’ necks were all insect bites!

Yun Bilu pulled her shirt up, but it still couldn’t cover them. She clenched her jaw and yanked her hair. She didn’t know what to do at all. How could she go to school tomorrow looking like this?

She couldn’t blame Huang Yize. She was the one who had refused to return to the dormitory and insisted on coming here. In fact, she had already prepared herself but had been nervous.

However, thinking about how tenderly Huang Yize had treated her, she still felt sweet deep down.

She remembered her roommates saying that it was terribly unbearable for men to hold it in. He had stopped himself during their moment of passion, and it showed that he genuinely cared about her.

When Huang Yize returned to the bedroom, he saw Yun Bilu smiling at herself through the mirror. Feeling conflicted, he walked over and stood behind her. He caressed and fixed her hair, saying, “According to what I just found out, Elder Sister Yaoyao is still in Duan Yanhao’s villa. She’s with him, so you can rest assured now.”

A bright glint flashed across Yun Bilu’s clear eyes, making them shimmer like stars. “Huang Yize, the two of them are alone now. Do you think that something will happen?”

Huang Yize patted Yun Bilu’s head and said, “Yun Bilu, you’re still a young lady. Don’t keep thinking about this kind of thing, alright?” As he spoke, he lowered his head and noticed the red spots on Yun Bilu’s neck.