Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 769

Chapter 769 The Love Bites On Her Neck

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When Huang Yize saw those red marks, he knew very well that they were his doing—he had planted those bites on her neck. His dark gaze turned gentle, and yet he felt immensely possessive.

It was as though she belonged to him, and those marks were seals of his ownership.

Yun Bilu pouted. “Huang Yize, I’m not a young girl. Don’t you know that?”

Seeing how stubborn Yun Bilu was, Huang Yize smiled but didn’t say anything as he stood elegantly beside her. He looked as handsome as a tall tree, yet as charming as a king.

Yun Bilu followed Huang Yize’s gaze through the mirror. She looked at her neck and turned around to glare angrily at him. “Look at what you did. It’s all your fault. How can I go to school tomorrow?”

Huang Yize hugged Yun Bilu and lowered his head to kiss her neck. He said clearly, “Yun Bilu, you started it, didn’t you know? You wanted something that you cannot handle. Do you understand now?”

Yun Bilu lowered her head and muttered, “I’ve already prepared myself.”

Although Yun Bilu had said those words very quietly, Huang Yize still heard them. A warm glint flashed across his dark and intoxicating eyes, and the corners of his thin lips curled up. He turned his head and sat by the bed with his legs crossed. His gaze was intense as he looked at Yun Bilu, who remained standing in front of the mirror. She was beautiful and pure, yet seductive. This sexy and sultry aura was revealed only to him.

He hadn’t expected that this girl had intended to offer herself to him. However, the more she tried to do so, the more he ought to treasure her.

While Huang Yize was thinking of Yun Bilu, the latter was feeling anxious and troubled—how could she hide these hickeys on her neck? In the end, Huang Yize said indifferently, “There’s a scarf in the closet, and it’s coincidentally the right season to wear it. They can’t be seen once you wear it.”

Yun Bilu’s eyes lit up as she turned around to look at him. Sitting beside him, she asked, “You have a scarf?”

“Open the closet and see for yourself. It’s filled with your clothes.”

Yun Bilu became excited and hurriedly ran to the closet to open it. Indeed, it was filled with skirts and dresses that suited this season. Even the drawers contained underwear.

Seeing the yellow bra and panties, Yun Bilu’s cheeks flushed. He had even thought about this.

She looked through the clothes hanging in the closet. Looking at their sizes, she realized they were all suited for her. Not only that, but she liked the outfits too.

Yun Bilu was over the moon. She really wanted to put them on right now. “Huang Yize, you’re so thoughtful. Did you prepare all these for me?”

Huang Yize said calmly, “Take a look. If you don’t like them or think that they don’t suit you, I’ll get someone to replace them.”

Yun Bilu bit her fingernail and grinned. She then walked slowly towards Huang Yize while staring at him, giggling continuously without saying a single word.

Huang Yize rested a hand on the bed. Looking at Yun Bilu, he asked, “You want to say something?”

“Huang Yize, did you prepare my bras and panties too?”

Hearing those words, Huang Yize’s expression changed. He pulled Yun Bilu’s hand immediately and wrapped his other arm around her, pulling her to sit on his lap. He playfully flicked her forehead and said, “You’re always thinking about such nonsense. I got a female servant to prepare these for you.”

“That’s more like it. I guessed that you would never have prepared those for me.”

Huang Yize felt odd. He really wanted to read Yun Bilu’s mind to understand what she was thinking. “Since Elder Sister Yaoyao is fine, you can sleep now. I’ll send you to class tomorrow.”

Yun Bilu nodded and climbed on the bed. Covering herself with the blanket, she muttered, “When I return tomorrow morning, my roommates would probably roast me again.”