Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 770

Chapter 770 My Home Is Also Your Home

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Huang Yize stood in front of the bed and watched Yun Bilu. He asked, “If you knew that they would interrogate and roast you, why would you still stay out?”

Yun Bilu pouted and answered, “You’re here with me, aren’t you? That’s all that matters.” She rolled around the blankets and added, “Huang Yize, I’m sticking to you more and more. Would I be a good housewife in the future too?”

Huang Yize’s mouth twitched, and a distant glint flashed across his eyes, revealing a trace of a smile.

“Why? Don’t you agree?”

Huang Yize stuck a hand into his pocket and rested the other on the door. He sighed, “You’re so impatient. If I made you stay at home for two days, you’d probably be running on the roof out of boredom.”

Yun Bilu retorted, “Rubbish. I wouldn’t do that. I can stay still because this is your villa, your house!”

Huang Yize walked to Yun Bilu’s side. Turning his body slightly, he bopped her nose and said, “My house is your house too, isn’t it?”

Yun Bilu giggled and nodded with satisfaction.

Huang Yize’s cold aura dissipated, and he said, “I made you stay in school for a month back then. I’ve also brought you out to have fun, but you still sneaked out all by yourself, right?”

Yun Bilu thought about it and grabbed Huang Yize’s arm. “You went home for such a long time back then. I didn’t even know where your house is, and I couldn’t find you at that time.”

“You called me too, don’t you remember?”

“I called once, but you didn’t answer!”

Huang Yize’s sharp eyes showed a hint of a smile. “Are you bearing a grudge because I didn’t pick up your call?” Back then, the Black Dragon Gang had to deal with something important, that’s why he couldn’t answer the call.

Yun Bilu couldn’t deny that she harbored that thought.

Huang Yize sat beside her, and she naturally rested her head on his thigh.

Huang Yize lowered his head and gazed at her, his aura turning extremely gentle. He said calmly, “When I bring you home in the future, you’ll understand everything.”

Yun Bilu raised her head and widened her eyes. She asked in a curious voice, “Can’t you tell me now?”

“No!” Huang Yize’s voice was solemn. His gaze was distant, revealing a trace of danger. He couldn’t let Yun Bilu find out too much, or it will endanger her. Although the Black Dragon Gang was powerful enough, he still wanted to retain her pure nature. He didn’t want her to come into contact with too much dark forces.

Looking at Huang Yize’s serious expression, Yun Bilu didn’t probe any further. She knew that Huang Yize definitely had his secrets, but she understood that he was trying to protect her. The more he tried to do so, the more curious she was about his family.

What kind of household could he possibly belong to? She pondered deeply. In fact, there were many hints that revealed that Huang Yize’s identity was not that simple. She didn’t care about it, though. She thought that being in a relationship involved only the two of them. Nevertheless, she didn’t wish that he would be in danger in the future.

Thinking about the shootout at the gaming building back then, she still felt lingering fear.

After talking for a while, Yun Bilu eventually fell asleep. Huang Yize gently moved Yun Bilu’s head from his thighs onto the bed. He covered her with the blanket and finally went to another room to sleep.

The next day, Yun Bilu found a scarf to wrap around her neck. After taking a shower and eating breakfast, Huang Yize drove and accompanied her to school.

The moment she arrived at the dormitory, Chu Xin stared hard at Yun Bilu and began to scrutinize her carefully.

Yun Bilu instinctively covered her neck. Her heart was pounding as she said, “Erm, what are you looking at? I’m still the same old me, no matter how long you stare.”

Chu Xin flashed a mysterious smile. Narrowing her eyes, she walked over and stood in front of Yun Bilu while rubbing her hands. Just as she was about to remove the scarf, she said cheekily, “Yun Bilu, there’s something fishy about you. You’ve never worn a scarf before.”