Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 771

Chapter 771 Did Anything Spark?

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Yun Bilu tightened the scarf around her neck as she avoided Chu Xins hand. "Nooo, Chu Xin, my great elder sister, dont! Please dont!" She widened her eyes pitifully as she pleaded.

What Chu Xin found it hardest to stand was this look from Bilu. She tapped Yun Bilu on the forehead and said, "You lying girl. I really cant do anything to you. If you showed this gaze to your Young Master Huang, hed probably pluck the moon and stars for you."

Yun Bilu grinned as she tugged Chu Xin closer. "Is my gaze that powerful?"

Chu Xin pointed at the mirror. "Take a look at it yourself!"

Yun Bilu stared hard at the mirror but could not tell anything from it. "I think my gaze is ordinary. Theres nothing special about it."

"Okay, fine. If you cant see it for yourself, we can all somehow feel it. Quick, tell us. What happened last night? Im experienced in these matters, so dont try to hide it from me."

Yun Bilu fidgeted before mumbling, feeling conflicted. "Really, nothing happened."

"If nothing happened, you wouldnt be hiding your neck. I dont believe you."

Yun Bilu sat up from the bed as she fiddled with her fingers. After a while, she finally spoke up softly. "Nothing really happened. We just kissed. Nothing else."

After Yun Bilu spoke, Chu Xin glomped her. "Wow, my purest Little Lulu has finally conquered the male demigod! Do your best. We will cheer for you, but remember to protect yourself well too, okay?"

At that very moment, Xiao Nan and Xiao Huan came back after taking a shower. "Hey, stop dawdling around. You dont want to be late for class."

Yun Bilu heaved a sigh of relief and followed the others to class happily. While she was on her way there, she suddenly remembered to call Bai Yaoyao. She wanted to be assured that Bai Yaoyao was fine, so as soon as the call connected, she piped up, "Elder Sister Yaoyao, did anything spark when you were together with Mr. Soldier?"

At that moment, Bai Yaoyao was eating at the dining room with Duan Yanhao sitting opposite her. She sneaked a glance at him and saw his indifferent expressionhe probably couldnt hear anything.