Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 772

Chapter 772 Its Only Natural For A Man To Take Care Of A Woman

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Bai Yaoyao stared at Duan Yanhao. When she moved over to take the bowl of soup that he had scooped for her, both her hands and heart trembled. In the past, it was always her scooping soup for others—it was always her taking care of others.

The bowl of soup suddenly felt heavy. She calmed the turmoil in her heart and composed herself before smiling. “Duan Yanhao, you’re very good at taking care of people! Sometimes, I feel that you might be more attentive than a woman.”

Duan Yanhao’s cold and stiff gaze shifted as he replied, “It’s only natural for a man to take care of a woman.”

Although this statement was ordinary and somehow carried a hint of chauvinistic thinking, it moved Bai Yaoyao. A gentle light flashed across her eyes. If there was someone in this world who was willing to adore and love her, she would definitely be able to walk out of the shadows of her past and welcome a new life.

In Ning An City, Country A

Tomorrow would be the much-anticipated business meeting. Su Lenghan made an almost complete recovery and was busy arranging matters for Yangyang’s discharge. After settling this, he carried her out of the hospital carefully.

However, he bumped into Meng Xinyan when he walked past the entrance of the hospital. It was obvious that she was here to snatch Yangyang from him.

Su Lenghan no longer felt anything towards Meng Xinyan. He simply waved his hand at the bodyguards behind and ordered, “I will leave her to you. Don’t let her disturb us.”


Meng Xinyan, who was being held back, started screeching loudly. “Su Lenghan, Yangyang is my daughter! Who are you to stop me from seeing and carrying her?”

Su Lengxian came up from behind and landed a slap on Meng Xinyan. “Meng Xinyan, you don’t even have the right to look at Yangyang. If it weren’t for you, Li Wenhui wouldn’t have gotten a chance to exact her revenge and harm her.”

“Wow, Su Lengxian! You actually dare to hit me? See if I don’t kill you! It’s your fault for not looking after Yangyang properly! Who are you to accuse me?”

In that short but heated exchange, the two women started to fight. A reporter who saw the fight quickly took photos of it—it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Su Lenghan split the fighting pair apart and asked the people at his side to throw an official document at Meng Xinyan.

He said coldly, “This is the decision of the court. The right to care for Yangyang is in my hands. You don’t even have the right to visit her.”

Seeing how well Su Lenghan treated Yangyang, Meng Xinyan wanted to gain something from it as well, even if she didn’t care about her daughter,

No one bothered with her even as she screamed and shouted. Su Lenghan and Su Lengxian left in a car, leaving behind the laughing stock that was Meng Xinyan.

On the day of the business meeting, Yun Bixue woke up early. After taking a shower, she wore a long blue gown and adorned her accessories. After tying her hair up in a bun, she applied light make up on her face.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she twirled around. It felt like she was about to take flight. She was going to accompany Xie Limo later to the financial center of the city.

After she dressing and dolling herself up, she got the servants to prepare breakfast before returning to the bedroom. She sat at the bedside, her heart aching as she looked at Xie Limo, who was still sound asleep. She raised her head and looked at the window, gazing at the brightening sky as she quietly sat by his side.

Xie Limo had been tiring himself out during this period to prepare for the business meeting. That was why he slept late last night. It would be a lie to say that her heart did not ache for him.

Half an hour later, when Xie Limo still wasn’t awake, Yun Bixue placed his freshly pressed clothes by the bedside. When she bent down to arrange them neatly, she saw that Xie Limo had already opened his eyes.

Her eyes brightened as she greeted him, “You’re awake. Are you still tired?”

Xie Limo’s gaze landed on Yun Bixue’s chest, and he pulled her to his side with a strong tug.

She fell onto him before she could catch her balance. When she managed to wiggle up, her gaze locked onto his eyes, and from their close proximity, she saw the passionate gleam within them.