Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 773

Chapter 773 The Fire Of The Morning

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Naturally, Yun Bixue knew what that gaze meant. She gently pushed Xie Limo aside and said, "Today is the business meeting."

With a hand supporting his head, he looked at Yun Bixue, who was lying beside him. He smiled elegantly as he caressed her cheeks, "I know that."

"Then why are you still lying in bed?"

Xie Limo raised his head to look at the time before he shook his head. "Theres no need to be anxious."

"Theres no way I wouldnt be anxious. Ive already dressed up."

Xie Limo leaned down to kiss Yun Bixue but was stopped by her hand. "Dont. It will mess up my makeup. If you did that, I would have to do it all over again."

Xie Limo gently cupped Yun Bixues face as he spoke warmly, "Ive arranged a makeup team for you, so you dont have to worry. Youll definitely be the star of the event."

Hearing his words, Yun Bixue smiled gently, but she still peeled his hands off. "Get up and prepare. Dont mess around. If we get too passionate now, the people at the business meeting will be able to see it clearly. I cant greet people that way, you know. The media will report about it as well. Not only will the people of Ning An City know about it, but people from other cities will also know about it too."

Yun Bixue looked upon the business meeting seriouslyshe knew that it was important. Otherwise, Xie Limo wouldnt have spent so much time preparing for it, so much so that he lost sleep over it.

Xie Limo held Yun Bixues hand as he landed a peck at the side of her lips before letting her go.

Because Yun Bixue tried to sit up too quickly, her hand ended up somewhere she shouldnt be placing it on. She could clearly feel the burning heat, so she removed her hand quickly as if she was scalded. Her face flushed red, not daring to look in Xie Limos direction.

And because of that one contact, Xie Limo could only sigh in resignation. Mornings were usually a time when it was easy to get aroused. With his wife dressed so beautifully in front of him, how could he feel nothing?

He wrapped his arms around her and whispered beside her ear, "My wife, do you know how to put out the fire