Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 774

Chapter 774 The Fake Invitation

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The five noble families, which were led by the Fang family, flushed red in anger. As furious as they were, they didn’t receive an invitation. Xie Limo didn’t want to give them an invitation, so what could they do about it?

The small families that were once looked down upon by these five noble families waved their invitations in front of their faces and loudly emphasized, “Master Fang, do you not have anything on today? Oh, we’re so busy. We need to hurry up and go to the business meeting.”

“Oh, look at that. This invitation even has a gold border! I heard that all the people who were invited are all reputable people. They will even get green cards to get an advantage in the country’s economy! I wonder who will be getting these green cards?”

“Oh my, Master Ma, I heard that a few of your stores closed down recently? How careless of you. If you wanted to make counterfeit things, you shouldn’t get discovered by reporters.”

“That’s true. The reporters always target the more juicy ones. Even if we were anxious, as bystanders, we can’t do anything as well.”

“You’re right. Some people just don’t know their place. They have such huge ambitions and even tried to assassinate someone they never should have. They’re like a person sitting in a well trying to touch the skies!”

“Also, what status do Young Master Xie and Miss Yun have? Were they people who could be assassinated just because a few families combined their men of sacrifice?””

The five families were mocked so badly that all the Masters were angered to the point where their veins were almost bursting. They stared at the cars that drove towards Luxury Emperor, which they couldn’t enter at the moment.

It seemed as though someone always knew about their plans and every single order they sent down, making all their strategies useless. The businesses that were under their names suffered a lot, so they no longer had the wealth to bribe their way through the back door.

The final solution that the five noble families came up with was to sell their men of sacrifice as assassins and calculate the amount of money they earned from it.

This chilled the hearts of their men of sacrifice, and at the same time, they became the laughing stock of the noble families in Ning An City.

Aunt Qin dressed up so that she would appear younger and more elegant. She even left boldly from the family home of the Qin family. She woke everyone up on purpose, stating that she would treat them to a meal because she was invited to the business meeting. What she was trying to imply was simple: She was the head of the Qin family.

She wanted to tell the whole family that she was the head, and that was a fact recognized by the entire Ning An City. She pompously took out the invitation card and placed it on the table for everyone to see.

Qin Huailing’s mother was soft-hearted. Seeing the invitation, she sighed. She was only worried about her son.

She didn’t wish for her son to become the head of the family. All she hoped was for her son to attain happiness.

Once Aunt Qin finished showing off, she took the invitation and left for Luxury Emperor in a car.

She deliberately chose a peak hour for her entrance so that everyone could see her step inside the premises, but when she reached the first entrance of Luxury Emperor, the security guards requested to see her invitation.

Aunt Qin arrogantly showed her invitation card. “Here. Take a look at it yourselves!”

The guards sent glances at each other before eyeing Aunt Qin, their expressions turning cold. They summoned people to stop her car and chase it away.

Seeing this unexpected situation, Aunt Qin started panicking. “What are you guys doing? I received the invitation card, and I’m here to represent the Qin family in the business meeting. What is the meaning of this?”

One of the guards said calmly, “Auntie, we need to see the invitation card before we can let you in. That’s our rule. We don’t know who you are, but you faking an invitation and trying to enter, do you think of us as fools?”

Hearing that statement, it was as though she was struck by lightning. She sat numbly in the car as she retorted in a sharp voice, “What? A fake invitation? How could that be possible? The Qin family was clearly in the list of invited families.”