Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 775

Chapter 775 Not The Representative Of The Qin Family

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Aunt Qin widened her eyes as she stared at the invitation card. There was nothing wrong with it, so what was with this situation?

The security guards were coming closer to chase them away with an impatient tone, while the cars that were passing by were starting to stare at them with curiosity.

Since Aunt Qin chose a peak hour, a lot of people were passing by. Being the center of attention of all these people, Aunt Qin flushed in embarrassment.

She got down from the car and asked in a loud voice, “What are you doing? What exactly do you think you are doing? I am the representative of the Qin family for the business meeting, and yet you have the audacity to treat me without respect?”

“We only look at the invitation, not at the person. Also, based on what we know, the Qin family doesn’t have a head. You think you can just place yourself in that position?” A female guard who walked towards Aunt Qin said this to her in a hostile tone.

This statement was like a slap to Aunt Qin’s face, and the people around them started laughing loudly.

Aunt Qin was incredibly arrogant in the business world because of the Qin family’s standing—not many could stand up against them. Seeing how Aunt Qin was being put in her place, they all found it funny.

Aunt Qin’s expression turned uglier as she hollered, “What are you all laughing about?”

She turned to look at the female guard as she threatened, “Who are you? How dare you have the audacity to speak to me in that manner? I have the power to take you away right now.”

The guard shrugged as she waved her off flippantly. “You can do whatever you want. After today, everyone will know whether you actually have that power.” She smiled dangerously at Aunt Qin, waiting for her to realize what she was about to do.

She walked towards the side and announced using a microphone, “Auntie, although I really want to know why you wish to represent the Qin family to attend the business meeting, making a fake invitation is an insult to our intelligence. Please return to where you came from. You are not the representative of the Qin family, nor are you the head of the Qin family. Please know your place!”

This announcement was so loud that people could hear it from a distance. All of them turned to look at the… auntie? So Aunt Qin was just an auntie.

Aunt Qin was about to vomit blood. The anger that surged within her made her so dizzy that she could no longer stand properly.

Without knowing who shook the car, she fell in an unglamorous manner on the ground, causing the crowd to erupt in laughter once more.

Aunt Qin pointed her finger angrily at them. “You! All of you…” She was furious beyond words.

Even with her on the ground, no one stepped up to help her. She usually acted pompously and kept looking down on people who she felt were beneath her as she looked jealousy upon people who were stronger than her. In other words, Aunt Qin didn’t have a good relationship with people. That was why they wanted to laugh at her rather than help her and curry favor from her.

The driver, who had been chased out by the guards, was unable to help Aunt Qin either, so she could only sit on the ground furiously with bloodshot eyes.

While this was happening, numerous people were passing by, and all they saw that Aunt Qin was being chased out. At that moment, it could be said that Aunt Qin’s face was flushed down the drain.

All of a sudden, an unpretentious yet elegant-looking car stopped slowly in front of her. When the car window rolled down, she saw that it was Qin Huailing.

At that point, Aunt Qin didn’t think much about it and instead rose up to clutch at Qin Huailing like a lifeline. “Qin Huailing, quick, tell them. This invitation card is real. It’s what you gave me!”

A cold glint flashed fleetingly across Qin Huailing’s clear eyes, which were like pear blossoms. He said in a mocking tone, “Aunt, you must be confused. How could I have passed the invitation to you? And for it to even be a fake one? Aunt, it’s best for you to go back. Since you are not the head of the Qin family, staying here will only make you look like a joke!”