Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 776

Chapter 776 Angered To The Brink Of Insanity

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After hearing Qin Huailing’s words, confusion overwhelmed Aunt Qin. She had no idea how to react at all. This invitation was clearly given by her nephew, so why did he say those things? And why was he wearing such an aloof expression?

Thinking that things don’t add up, Aunt Qin paled several shades as realization dawned on her. She pointed at Qin Huailing and said, “You! You planned this on purpose! You did all this!”

“Aunt, this is not some random place. Please don’t spout nonsense.” Although Qin Huailing’s tone was plain, it carried a deadly edge and a hint of power.

This was the first time Qin Huailing treated her in this manner. Yes, Qin Huailing was always cold to her, but he would never go against her and treat her with such disrespect!

Aunt Qin couldn’t take the blow. Her expression changed as it clouded over. “Qin Huailing, very well. Your wings have become strong. They’re so strong that you have no respect for me.”

Qin Huailing took out the real invitation card and passed it to the guards. They took one look at the invitation and greeted him respectfully before allowing him in.

While the car was moving forward, Qin Huailing swept a glance over Aunt Qin. His glare was dangerous and ice cold. “Aunt Qin, whether I respect you or not, you know it the best. You know very well what you’ve done, so you don’t need me to say them out loud!”

After hearing Qin Huailing’s parting words, Aunt Qin took a while to recover from her trance. Could he have found out about something? What did he mean by that? What did she do?

She could not believe that he would look mockingly at her like that!

Cars entered the place one after another. Aunt Qin was the only one who was being chased out—she looked lost and shaken. Today was the day that she became the laughing stock of numerous people.

Aunt Qin’s face turned into several shades of red. Even if she insisted, she was still chased out. She had never experienced such disrespect. In her anger, she left straight for the Qin Family Cooperation and immediately organized a stakeholders’ meeting.

However, despite the order for a stakeholders’ meeting, only her two to three good friends showed up.

Aunt Qin flew into a rage at that point. “What happened? Where’s the rest? Why did they not come?”

“CEO, please calm down. Perhaps it’s because of the business meeting today. They might be busy watching the live broadcast, that’s why they didn’t show up.”

Aunt Qin’s anger spiked, making her sweep the glass vase off the table and onto the floor. The crisp sound of the breaking glass did nothing to quell the fury she felt inside.

She then drove directly to the Qin family’s house, intending to vent her anger on Qin Huailing’s parents. However, when she arrived, she was told that his parents were already fetched away.

Aunt Qin shook on her feet as she grabbed the door frame beside her. In a low and seething voice, she asked, “What did you say? When did this happen?”

It was the first time that the servant saw such a scary expression on Aunt Qin’s face. She immediately bowed down and answered meekly, “It happened when you left the villa earlier.”

Aunt Qin laughed. “What a sneaky bastard. To have plotted this behind my back…” As she laughed, she forcefully pushed down the fury within her as a dark and dangerous gleam shone in her eyes.

The moment she left the house, she called a private number. The goal was to kill Qin Huailing once he left the business meeting. As long as her nephew was dead, the Qin family would still listen to her.

The large banquet room in Luxury Emperor was magnificently beautiful. The invited families and businesses arrived one after another. It was a large scale event, so there were many people gathered inside.

Everyone took the opportunity to socialize with each other. After all, it was the best place to establish connections. The sounds of wine glasses clinking were heard everywhere as they exchanged greetings and talked with one another.