Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Breaking News

Xie Limo could feel the person in his embrace shiver at that moment. He thought of the news that his subordinates at Luxury Emperor had reported to him and the initial warmth and gentleness in his eyes turned into a cold gaze.

"Go back to sleep. I'll be done soon." Xie Limo turned to look at the incomplete pile of documents on his desk and persuaded Yun Bixue to go back to sleep first.

Yun Bixue rubbed her eyes forcefully and yawned. Withdrawing from Xie Limo's arms, she walked over to his table, took a look at the documents and asked, "I'll help you tidy up. Let's sleep together after this." After saying this, Yun Bixue's mind cleared up, and she desperately wanted to hide in a hole. Why did those words sound so suggestive?

Stealing a glance at Xie Limo, she found him standing there elegantly with one hand in his pocket. His expression glowed brightly, and it looked enticing under the lights. His gentle warmth seemed to be piercing through her heart.

"Yes, we'll sleep together later." He dragged his words, making Yun Bixue's face heat up again.

After tidying up the documents, Yun Bixue didn't see any signs of his speech transcript. "Didn't you prepare a script for tomorrow's speech?"

Xie Limo paused his typing and laughed gently. "Does my dear think that her husband still requires a script?"

Yun Bixue looked at the confident and well-prepared Xie Limo and shook her head. She said with certainty, "My husband is exceptional. Of course, he doesn't need one. He's different from the others."

Watching her radiant smile, Xie Limo couldn't help but tease her. "Such a glib tongue. Aren't you sleepy?" "

"Not anymore. In the future, I can be your better half." As she spoke, Yun Bixue's eyes glistened, and she blinked.

Xie Limo's heart sank, and he reached out his hand to place Yun Bixue in his lap. "You can just take good care of yourself. If you create any trouble, I'm still the one who has to clear up after you."

Yun Bixue straightened her back and pouted, unconvinced by his words. "I can protect my husband too."

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue's puckered lips and couldn't resist lowering his head and planting a kiss on them. After that kiss, he eagerly pressed a hand behind Yun Bixue's head and caressed her back with the other.

Yun Bixue quivered from the electricity running through her, and she relished in the gentle kiss.

Xie Limo felt bittersweet. After meeting his wife, his self-control had gotten weaker. He used to have pure thoughts but right now, he was reluctant to let go of her.

His soft and distinct aura slowly engulfed Yun Bixue, and in her blank state of mind, she could only lean onto him. She gradually learned to reciprocate, and the kiss grew longer and deeper.

In the midst of their mutual longing, the kiss set off sparks, and Xie Limo lifted up Yun Bixue as she leaned into his embrace. She suddenly snapped out of it and gently pushed Xie Limo away. "Limo, tomorrow is an important day for you. We can't..."

If Xie Limo's body were to show any intimate marks, or if someone found out about it, they would use it against Xie Limo. Moreover, it was already late, and he had yet to rest. She couldn't tire him out.

Xie Limo noticed the deep worry and concern in Yun Bixue's eyes, and he broke into laughter. He settled Yun Bixue on the bed and then rubbed the middle of his forehead. "My wife is indeed thoughtful. If there wasn't a speech tomorrow, would you be ready?"

Yun Bixue understood what Xie Limo was implying and pulled the covers over her face. How could he say such words so straightforwardly?

Covering her head, she could hear Xie Limo's laughter from beyond the blanket. It was melodious, and it cheered her up.

Regarding the matters on the following day, the two of them had a discussion.

The next day when Yun Bixue woke up, Xie Limo had already left. Xie Shiyi served Yun Bixue her breakfast and mentioned that Limo had already driven off at four in the morning.

After breakfast, Yun Bixue instructed Xie Shiyi to prepare a set of reporter's attire. After much contemplation, she decided that entering as a reporter could grant her a closer view of Xie Limo and allow her to spend the day with him.

"Young Madam, it will be a restricted event today. Everyone is required to have an entry permit."

"Yes, I already informed Limo yesterday. I'll follow the group of reporters that Xie Liu arranged into the venue."


Even before reaching the venue, a horde of reporters had gathered outside, and some even tried to enter. However, with more than twenty bodyguards positioned in two rows, none of the reporters could enter, and they could only work from outside. Some were desperate and tried to use force, but the guards simply blocked them from going in.

"We are reporters from Dongtu Society, and we hold ourselves accountable for the citizens of Ning An City. We wish to broadcast Young Master Xie's entire inauguration speech. You won't be able to take on the responsibility if you delay our work."

"We are reporters from Tianshi and according to the past customs, today's session must be broadcasted live. Why are you keeping all the reporters outside? Does Young Master Xie's inauguration contain any hidden motives that we can't report?"

"On what basis can you allow only two companies in? This is discrimination! How can he still be our parent-official?"


The scene rose to a clamor as many civilians crowded outside. The large screens along both sides of the road were ready. They aired scenes of preparation recorded by the reporters and also interviews of some service personnel.

After getting ready, Yun Bixue entered the venue. Pausing at the entrance, she lowered her cap and addressed everyone, "Aren't reporters from Dongtu Society responsible for daily sporting programmes? Reporters from Tianshi are in charge of entertainment programmes... However, this is the most important political event of Ning An City. Naturally, it would be covered by the reporters taking charge of the city news. Everyone, apologies but this is today's regulations." With that, Yun Bixue entered the venue, accompanied by Xie Shiyi.

"Who was that?"

"I didn't take a good look."

"She looks rather imposing."

"We can just insert the fact that Young Master Xie stopped reporters from entering the venue into our reports. This could be considered as material to be reported."

"Good idea."


Just as the crowd deliberated over how to formulate the article, they received a photo on their phones. Their eyes lit up right away. Since they failed to enter, they definitely couldn't miss such breaking news.

The horde of reporters who had been crowding outside dispersed immediately. They rushed to the venue, afraid that they would fail to report the news if they turned up late.

In a Room on the Third Floor of the Luxury Emperor

When Su Lengxian woke up with a hangover, she noticed the unfamiliar environment around her. Her expression changed, and she sat up at once. She'd just discovered the man lying beside her.

After she figured out the scenario, she screamed.

Su Lengxian widened her eyes. "You... You..." At this moment, her mind was all muddled. The episodes from the past few days had all been challenging her endurance.

"Xian Xian, you're awake." The handsome man sat up cheerfully and attempted to embrace Su Lengxian.

"You... Who are you?" Su Lengxian's face turned even whiter than paper. In that moment, she could only stutter, seemingly unable to find her voice.