Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 780

Chapter 780 Most Beautiful Today

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“Young Master Xie and Young Madam are even more beautiful than movie actors. They’re so stunning that my eyes are starting to blur.”

“No one else here can compare to them.”

“Those who aren’t on the same level shouldn’t be compared to them. Today is truly a feast for my eyes. I’ve fought so long to get this chance to interview them. Even if I don’t get to do so, just being able to see them is good enough.”

“It’s being live broadcasted.”

“How can watching on the TV be compared to watching it live? I can feel eyes twinkling. They are just too beautiful!”

“I used to think that Miss Yun wasn’t that beautiful, but today, I realized that our eyesight must have been really bad. She’s an unparalleled beauty, so why did the Su family abandon her and chose that Meng Xinyan?”

“I know, right? The Su family has such a bad taste. I guess they already regret their choice. Look at what kind of person that Meng Xinyan is. I don’t even want to look at her. We used to call her the number one beauty before. What an insult to that term…”

“Shh! Keep your voice down. The Su family is also invited today. Young Master Su is pretty pitiful, so let’s not talk about this. We have no idea if he would deeply regret it after seeing such a pretty Miss Yun right now.”

“We should just watch from the sidelines and keep from commenting. Everyone here wields a certain amount of influence, so it’s better if we watch what we say.”

“You’re right. This is a great chance to fish for a rich son-in-law as well.”

While the onlookers were busy discussing among themselves, Xie Limo and Yun Bixue walked on the red carpet. The lights flashed nonstop, and the guards at both sides bowed as they welcomed the couple into the main hall. The hall erupted into applause upon their arrival.

Many of the people who were invited were all thankful towards Young Master Xie, so they naturally sang praises for the couple.

Meng Xintong clapped till her hands were red. She excitedly looked at the couple, thinking that one would never find another perfectly matched pair like them.

After their grand entrance, Xie Limo and Yun Bixue sat down on opposite seats before they waited for the business meeting to officially start at nine o’clock.

A lot of people wanted to come over to socialize with Young Master Xie, but they were all blocked by Xie Jiu, who prevented anyone from getting near him.

Sitting among the guests, Su Lenghan’s gaze landed on Yun Bixue. That elegant blue gown blinded him and pierced his heart, and he couldn’t help but be reminded of the past. At the same venue in Luxury Emperor, she pleaded for his help, but what did he do that time? He knew clearly how indifferent and unfeeling he was back then.

Thinking about that, he felt shameful about his actions. Yun Bixue did not hold grievances and even took care of Yangyang. He was thankful enough and wouldn’t ask for anything else. He would definitely teach his daughter to be respectful and grow into a sensible lady, in hopes that she would help alleviate his guilt.

Meng Xintong sat excitedly behind Yun Bixue before happily saying, “Bixue, you’re really eye-catching. This gown is so beautiful!”

Yun Bixue smiled at her. “Oh, stop flattering me. I’m already blushing.”

“Well, it’s true! You’re the most beautiful today, and no one will be able to steal the limelight from you. I think that a lot of men here will fall for you at first sight, but too bad you’re already taken. As long as Young Master Xie isn’t jealous, all’s good.” Meng Xintong whispered to Yun Bixue, not wanting Xie Limo to hear it.

Yun Bixue chuckled lightly before giving Meng Xintong a wink.

After her conversation with Yun Bixue, Meng Xintong went to the washroom. When she came out, she saw Su Lenghan with a cigarette in his mouth—he was wearing a serious expression on his face.