Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 783

Chapter 783 Why Is An Yexuan Here?

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Yun Bixue didn’t realize that her grip on Xie Limo’s arm was tightening as she looked at An Yexuan’s entrance with a complicated expression.

Xie Limo lowered his head and glanced at his arm. Something flickered in his eyes before he sighed inwardly. Frankly speaking, he did not expect Tian Jing City’s representative to be An Yexuan either.

Naturally, Xie Limo knew who that person was. He was the heir of one of Tian Jing City’s most influential families, Yun Bixue’s senior in university, and the person who hurt his wife.

The Yun family’s bankruptcy was directly linked to him as well.

Thinking about that, a dangerous glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes, but it disappeared quickly and reverted to its usual calm. At that moment, no one knew what he was thinking.

Yun Bixue was shocked by An Yexuan’s sudden appearance—she never expected to see him here at all. After thinking about it, she realized that he could be here to represent Tian Jing City. With her understanding of him, he was not someone who would attend this kind of occasion, but he still came today to represent Tian Jing City! That was something entirely unexpected.

Quite frankly, she didn’t understand An Yexuan’s purpose for coming to Ning An City’s business meeting.

The moment Su Lenghan saw An Yexuan from the second floor, his hold on his cigarette tightened. Even when the cigarette stub was burning him, he did not seem to notice. Instead, he kept staring at An Yexuan.

He was instantly reminded of the past. It was because of the warning this person sent, saying that anyone who helped the Yun family would be the An family’s enemy, that stopped him from assisting Yun Bixue. Even if it was just a little help, he could not do it.

Now, he deeply regretted it. If he could turn back the time, he would help the Yun family at all costs.

Because of the guilt he felt, seeing An Yexuan again caused a complicated feeling to appear in his heart—it was a deep hatred for the An family.

When it came to An Yexuan, Su Lenghan could never treat him in a peaceful manner.

When he recovered from his trance, he looked at his burned fingers and laughed self-deprecatingly. After extinguishing the cigarette and throwing it into the trash bin, he walked down to the main hall.

An Yexuan’s expression was indifferent, and his aura was able to change the surrounding atmosphere with a forbidding air. After sweeping a quick glance around the hall, he looked in the direction of Yun Bixue, and surprise flashed in his eyes fleetingly.

An Yexuan was once a bright and cheerful man, but now that Chu Fei’er was gone, he became who he was now—a man without a single trace of his past self.

He had one hand in his pocket while the other was holding the invitation card. His lips were pressed into a thin line as his gaze, which never left Yun Bixue, hardened.

Although Yun Bixue was seated and not looking in his direction, she could still feel that cold gaze on her back. It sent shivers down her spine, making it difficult for her to even breathe.

The present An Yexuan felt so strange and unfamiliar, so much so that it was as though she was facing an enemy.

Even with Miao Zifu’s confession and his apology back then, it felt like he had once again placed all the faults on her back. Again, he stopped believing in Miao Zifu’s words.

Yun Bixue guessed that Chu Fei’er probably did this and schemed to mislead An Yexuan again.

Thinking about Chu Fei’er was like a thorn in Yun Bixue’s heart. Even if she wanted to remove it, it remained stuck in there.