Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 784

Chapter 784 Won't Let Anyone Hurt You

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Xie Limo stayed by Yun Bixue’s side, his gaze filled with worry and warmth. At that moment, he could feel the change in aura emanating from his wife’s body. Reaching out his hand, he grabbed her hands and gently said, “No matter who it is, nobody will be able to hurt you. I’m here.”

He could understand why Yun Bixue’s aura turned cold and why her breathing turned fast. After all, An Yexuan was the person who had caused her desolation, not to mention the things that had happened to her family. The trauma left a deep wound in her heart. There was always a scar in there, no matter how much time had passed.

Yun Bixue’s aura was icy, and her gaze was hollow. The moment she felt the warmth on her palms, she slowly snapped out of her daze and looked at Xie Limo. As she noticed the concern and love in his eyes, ripples shot through her heart. She slowly calmed down and smiled briefly. “Yes, I’m fine. I was just feeling uncomfortable.”

“I understand. I’m here, so no one will be able to hurt you.”

Yun Bixue looked up at the stage and frowned. She asked in a worried voice, “Limo, we’re having the business meeting right now. Do you think he came here to do something?” She was worried that An Yexuan would try to wreak havoc here.

An Yexuan was no longer the same person he used to be. He was no longer as warm as the sun’s rays as he was now wallowing in hatred. Yun Bixue knew that he would do anything for Chu Fei’er.

Because of the business meeting, Limo hadn’t had any decent rest. That was why she couldn’t possibly let someone like An Yexuan mess up this business meeting.

As she thought about it, a resolute glint flashed across her eyes. She grabbed Xie Limo’s hands and said, “I won’t let him mess up the meeting.” This time, a dangerous glint flashed in Yun Bixue’s eyes. If An Yexuan were to do anything, she would definitely strike back without mercy for her husband.

Xie Limo looked at her wife and chuckled softly. His gaze was filled with tender love. If they weren’t at the business meeting at the moment, he would hug her and show her his love for her.

“Hubby, I’m serious. Why are you looking at me like that? I won’t allow him to destroy your hard work and effort. If someone were to do so, I won’t let him walk out of Luxury Emperor that easily.” To Yun Bixue, her priority right now was her husband.

Hearing Yun Bixue’s words, a bright glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes. He gently caressed Yun Bixue’s hands and said, “I understand how you feel.”

Seeing how relaxed Xie Limo looked, Yun Bixue felt anxious. “Oh my, I’m serious!”

“Yes, I hear you.”

Yun Bixue took out her phone and hurriedly contacted the men of sacrifice from the Yun family. She instructed them to keep an eye on An Yexuan and report everything he did and said.

After ending the call, Yun Bixue’s gaze remained solemn. Her heart was tense and beating fast.

Xie Limo comforted her constantly by her side, assuring her that nothing would happen.

Yun Bixue answered, “Even if nothing happens, we have to be prepared.”

As they spoke, flashes of light suddenly shone on them. Yun Bixue narrowed her eyes and looked up. She noticed that An Yexuan was walking towards them.

An Yexuan knew that Yun Bixue hadn’t looked at him at all ever since he entered. Seeing how sweet Xie Limo and Yun Bixue looked together, he felt uncomfortable, as though something was pricking at his heart. However, he thought that his pain was because of Chu Fei’er.

His distant eyes turned cold as he walked in front of Xie Limo. Reaching out his hand, he said, “Young Master Xie, nice to meet you!”

Xie Limo extended his hand calmly and elegantly, shaking An Yexuan’s hand. At that moment, the rivalry between the two men began.