Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 785

Chapter 785 Rivalry Between The Two Men

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The two men gripped each other’s hands firmly. This was a match of strength and also a competition between them. Time trickled past, and it was evident on their faces. One of them smiled elegantly, while the other was icy cold.

The reporters seized this opportunity and snapped away. At the scene, countless people stood up from their seats to take a better look. Two big shots were shaking hands—it was truly an important moment.

One of them was the Xie family’s heir. He was the mysterious Young Master Xie, the leader of Ning An City. The other belonged to the leading noble family in Tian Jing City, the An family. He was the heir as well.

These two men wielded tremendous power.

Everyone couldn’t contain their excitement as they watched the two of them shake hands.

“Does that mean that Ning An City will be collaborating with Tian Jing City in the future? If the capital were to give great financial support to Ning An City, our economy would surely boom.”

“I don’t know. They look so harmonious, but something seems off.”

“What’s weird about it? They’re handsome men. Such a pleasing sight! Ah, hurry up and take a picture! It’ll be nice if I look at it again later. If this photo were to be auctioned away, it will surely be very popular and expensive.”

“Don’t forget that your family is reputable, so please don’t do such an embarrassing thing.”

“Hey, I’m a girl too. There’s nothing wrong with liking good-looking guys!”

This handshake caused the entire hall to become lively again.

While the two men were shaking hands, Xie Limo didn’t stand up and continued sitting. On the other hand, An Yexuan was standing. Nevertheless, Xie Limo still possessed an intimidating and grand aura. Even though he was simply smiling gracefully, he could also rule over the world.

He usually didn’t unleash his aura, but this time around, he let it all out. He was radiating all the royalty of this world. Even though he was dealing with An Yexuan, An Yexuan still paled in comparison.

When An Yexuan felt the strength in Xie Limo’s hand, his cold gaze turned serious. His mood changed instantly as he understood that this legendary Xie Limo was, indeed, different.

After the two of them let go of each other’s hands, An Yexuan turned to look at Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue’s eyes were only on Xie Limo. Seeing that he had let go, she hurriedly grabbed his hand and comforted him with her warm hands. She didn’t want him to feel any pain.

She knew that Xie Limo must have exerted a lot of strength earlier, so her heart ached uncontrollably.

When An Yexuan noticed her little actions, anger surged through his heart unknowingly. He reached out his hand again and said to Yun Bixue, “Miss Yun, we meet again.”

Hearing that cold voice, Yun Bixue’s body turned cold. She turned and looked at An Yexuan. He had really changed too much. She could no longer find that bright An Yexuan from the past anymore.

She pursed her lips gently and said, “Young Master An, I’m sorry!” She didn’t show him any face at all.

After experiencing so much, Yun Bixue knew that An Yexuan harbored a lot of hatred towards her. Even if she were to tell him personally that Chu Fei’er was still alive, he would still think that she was just giving an excuse. In fact, An Yexuan had questioned her, making her feel uncomfortable many times in the past. Therefore, she could only become strangers—or even enemies—with An Yexuan. Since enemies wouldn’t be pleased to meet each other, she didn’t need to hold herself back.

An Yexuan’s hand remained in the air while the reporters and onlookers watched. He felt embarrassed at Yun Bixue’s snub.

Seeing that another storm was brewing, Xie Limo stood up and shook An Yexuan’s hand. He smiled and said, “I’m sorry, my wife isn’t used to touching another man, so I’ll shake your hand on her behalf.”

Those words sounded like a challenge to An Yexuan, and the two of them began another round of strength match.

Afterwards, An Yexuan sat beside Yun Bixue. Although there was an empty seat between them, Yun Bixue still felt uneasy.