Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 786

Chapter 786 Shes A Wonderful Woman

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Xie Limo naturally understood his wife’s feelings. He lowered his head and whispered beside Yun Bixue’s ear, “My dear, just imagine that you’re sitting beside a pet. Think about the pet that Grandfather used to groom.”

Yun Bixue snickered. Her smile was bright and radiant as she elbowed Xie Limo’s arm. “Hubby, I didn’t know that you can be so funny.”

“Are you happy now?”

Yun Bixue nodded. She followed Xie Limo’s instructions and imagined that a huge bear was sitting beside her. This way, she no longer felt uncomfortable. If she went to the zoo, the animals would also stare at her.

While everyone was waiting for the host to start the event, Yun Bixue talked to Xie Limo and looked at the stage occasionally. Her gaze was calm and indifferent.

An Yexuan had never seen Yun Bixue like that before. She was calm and collected, gentle and talkative. The spotlight of the entire venue seemed to fall on her. He appeared rather dazed as he recalled his university days unconsciously.

Back then, she was exceptionally quiet. She was pretty, but she was never really outstanding. Yes, she was pleasant to look at, but she was not as shockingly gorgeous as she was now.

Indeed, everything had changed. Looking at Yun Bixue now, he thought that his memories of his university days were very hazy. He couldn’t even remember how Chu Fei’er looked like anymore. While staring at Yun Bixue, his mind was completely filled with his past memories of her.

It was almost nine o’clock. Su Lenghan walked to An Yexuan’s side and sat beside him. In the past, the Su and An family were at loggerheads with each other, but Su Lenghan no longer cared now. He merely wanted to do something for Yun Bixue. That was why he sat beside An Yexuan—to prevent him from hurting Yun Bixue.

Seeing that Su Lenghan was sitting beside him, an icy yet mocking grin appeared on An Yexuan’s lips. “Su Lenghan, you left Yun Bixue in the lurch back then. Why are you sitting beside me now? Are you afraid that I’ll hurt her?”

Su Lenghan gave An Yexuan a sidelong glance. His gaze was calm as he slowly replied, “An Yexuan, if you were to continue to hate Yun Bixue, you’ll regret it one day.”

An Yexuan’s gaze was solemn, and his eyes seemed to glow at those words. It was hard to decipher what he was feeling at that moment. After a while, he said, “Su Lenghan, do you think that I’ll regret it just because you did? Do you think that we’re the same?”

“We might not be the same, but you’ll definitely regret it. She’s a wonderful woman and doesn’t deserve to be hated by you. Besides, don’t you think that it’s odd how the person you loved vanished into thin air? Haven’t you investigated this at all?”

With the mention of Chu Fei’er, An Yexuan emanated a disappointed and lonely aura. He placed his hands on top of each other on his lap and answered coldly, “She had a lot to do with what happened to Chu Fei’er. You’ve experienced how superficial women can be, so why can’t you see through her too?” An Yexuan seemed to be talking to Su Lenghan and also to be trying to convince himself—he mustn’t become soft-hearted towards Yun Bixue.

Looking at An Yexuan, Su Lenghan was startled. He could see his past stubborn self from An Yexuan. They were so alike!

He could imagine that An Yexuan would definitely regret it one day. He thought that An Yexuan’s misery would surely be even greater at that time. After all, An Yexuan had hurt Yun Bixue even more.

However, outsiders usually saw the picture more clearly. Seeing how stubborn An Yexuan was, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to convince him.

“An Yexuan, don’t be biased against her. One day, you’ll realize that you’re wrong.”

An Yexuan said coolly, “There won’t be such a day.”

Despite his words, An Yexuan wouldn’t have imagined that that day would really arrive. When he finally realized the truth, he would be uncontrollably miserable. He would be so wretched that he wouldn’t even know how to beg her for forgiveness.