Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 787

Chapter 787 Thanking My Wife

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Hearing An Yexuan’s stubborn words, Su Lenghan sighed. “You’re just like me back then. I used to think that I was right too. I thought I was doing the right thing by choosing Meng Xinyan and refusing to help Yun Bixue, but everything that happened afterwards showed me that I was wrong.”

“Su Lenghan, save your breath. Since our families used to be close, I won’t hurt your Su family. However, I’m warning you to stay away from my affairs. You have no right to stop me.”

“An Yexuan, you know how much I owe her. Even if you belong to the An family, I’ll still stop you.”

An Yexuan’s icy gaze slowly narrowed. “Su Lenghan, don’t forget that you still have a daughter!”

Those words made Su Lenghan’s heart shudder. He clasped his hands, and his heart ached at hearing about his daughter. An Yexuan was right. He had Yangyang now—his greatest weakness.

The two of them spoke quietly, so Yun Bixue couldn’t hear them at all. However, Xie Limo overheard part of their conversation. Once he heard An Yexuan’s threats, he immediately activated a protection system in Luxury Emperor and ordered his subordinates to keep a lookout for suspicious people.

Xie Limo’s gaze turned serious while he relayed an order through the electronic system—he instructed his subordinates to keep an eye on An Yexuan’s driver. If someone were to wreak havoc, it could only be the driver that An Yexuan brought with him.

When the clock struck nine, the program began. A huge lantern descended from the ceiling, and from it fell countless petals. The curtains on the stage slowly pulled apart as the two emcees walked out.

Everyone noticed that the two emcees were the renowned married couple in Country A, so the pair immediately captured everyone’s attention.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!”

“Today is the day of Ning An City’s first grand business meeting. We’ve invited various representatives from Ning An City…”

Lively music accompanied the emcees’ introduction. Afterwards, the leader of Ning An City, Young Master Xie, was invited to come up on the stage. The crowd erupted into thunderous applause after his name was called.

Although the emcee had invited Young Master Xie to make a speech, Xie Limo stood up and pulled Yun Bixue’s hand, bringing her up on stage as well. He walked slowly, allowing Yun Bixue to catch up. His movements were gentle and patient, and everyone felt envious seeing how he treated Yun Bixue. The ladies who came with their husbands all looked at their partners begrudgingly and whined, “Look at how he treats his wife.”

The men were all touched too. When they saw how Young Master Xie treated his wife, they felt that they ought to treat their other halves better.

While the two of them walked on the stage, everyone kept their eyes peeled. They were so breathtaking that no one could look away.

Yun Bixue tried her best to maintain an elegant smile on her face.

After the two of them stood on stage, Xie Limo said, “Thank you for attending Ning An City’s business meeting. With everyone’s support and presence, I believe that our economy will flourish… As the leader of Ning An City, I want to thank my wife first. She is my companion and source of support. She allowed me to march forward. Everyone says that there is a wise woman behind every successful man, and I say that it’s my greatest blessing to have Yun Bixue. Everyone also says to focus on family first before career, and I say that a responsible man who loves his wife is a successful one. I believe that many of the families here today have a wise matron, and that is why you can go to work peacefully. There are too many unexpected surprises in life, and I feel a sense of belonging to Ning An City because of my wife. Since Ning An City is my wife’s home, I want it to progress even further and allow its citizens to live a better life.”