Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 789

Chapter 789 Getting Closer Step By Step

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As Xie Limo and Yun Bixue stood on the stage, their combined charms enticed the audience. At that moment, everyone felt the excitement coursing through their veins. They felt motivated to strive for greater achievements and to work hard together in order to contribute to Ning An City’s economy.

Seeing how Yun Bixue shone, Su Lenghan’s expression turned dark.

An Yexuan placed a hand on top of the other and looked extremely tensed. His sight was always locked on Yun Bixue. Looking at the time on his watch, he frowned. He turned back and looked around, as though waiting anxiously for something to happen.

Afterwards, each family’s representative went up the stage to make a speech. Each of them offered their opinions and suggestions, and everyone voted for the most beneficial proposal.

After every hour, celebrities would take the stage and perform to ease the tension in the air, allowing everyone to feel more comfortable.

It was already midnight, and the meeting had yet to end. Amidst the music, sumptuous dishes were sent to the tables, and everyone began to drink merrily. They ate while chatting, exchanging their ideas.

An Yexuan, Su Lenghan, Xie Limo, Yun Bixue, Meng Xintong, and Qin Huailing were seated at the same table.

During the meal, Xie Limo and Yun Bixue ate as though they were at home. They picked up dishes for each other, mutually taking care of the other. As expected, it was an even greater eyesore for An Yexuan, but the reporters couldn’t sense anything odd from him.

After the meal, Xie Jiu whispered something to Xie Limo, who then spoke quietly to Yun Bixue. He instructed her to take care of herself before leaving.

Later, Yun Bixue went to the washroom. Once she stepped out of the washroom, she bumped into An Yexuan. Just as she was about to walk past him, An Yexuan stopped her.

This time, Yun Bixue chose not to be polite to An Yexuan. She said in a cold voice, “The high and mighty Young Master An, aren’t you afraid that the reporters will see you blocking my path like that?”

“Yun Bixue, how can you be so happy? Have you ever thought of Chu Fei’er?”

An icy glint flashed across Yun Bixue’s eyes, blinding An Yexuan. She answered, “An Yexuan, that was uncalled for. What has Chu Fei’er’s plight got to do with me? Besides, don’t you think that you’re also to blame for the fire back then? She might have left because of you, isn’t it?”

An Yexuan had been messing with her again and again, so she naturally didn’t need to show him face. She went all out, not caring about her harsh words at all.

When An Yexuan heard Yun Bixue’s scathing reply, he tensed up, and his expression shifted. He slowly inched forward, trying to intimidate her. “Yun Bixue, you’ve changed. Do you think that you can say anything you want, now that you have Xie Limo backing you up?”

A mocking curve appeared on the corners of Yun Bixue’s lips. She coolly replied, “An Yexuan, you’re wrong. It’s not that I can say anything I want to. Rather, it is you who’s feeling unjust deep down and forcing your pain on others. You directed your hatred towards me for no rhyme and reason. Do you feel better this way? Ha! What a joke. Don’t you think that your Chu Fei’er is still alive?”

After being questioned by Yun Bixue, waves rippled through An Yexuan’s heart. He felt extremely conflicted when he asked, “Is she still alive?” In reality, he thought that Chu Fei’er was, indeed, alive. However, he didn’t dare to admit it nor make any wild guesses. He was gravely afraid that his speculation would amount to nothing.

Seeing An Yexuan’s expression, Yun Bixue didn’t turn soft-hearted. She continued speaking without any mercy. “An Yexuan, if she’s still alive but didn’t let you know, it just shows that she doesn’t care about you. If she were to get in touch with you, she would just try to take advantage of you. I will stop talking now. You may not believe me now, but one day you will. Before that day arrives, I hope you will stop harassing me.”