Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Magnificent and Elegant

The handsome man revealed the criss-cross marks on his skin and spoke as if he'd been wronged, "Xian Xian, this is what you left on my body last night. You pulled me along as you did this... And that... How could you not remember anything?"

Su Lengxian looked at the marks on the man's body and the scratches on his back, it was evident that they had been engraved by her nails in the midst of their passion. She then looked at her freshly manicured nails; several of them had been broken. She started to panic. "It wasn't me. You're just spouting nonsense..." Su Lengxian shook her head frantically, unwilling to believe it, or perhaps she subconsciously wanted to avoid something.

Su Lengxian's face was ghastly pale as she shook her head. Pulling the covers to hide her body, she couldn't deny the soreness she felt. It hurt every time she moved but right now, she couldn't be bothered with the pain. Looking around, she found the place increasingly familiar, yet she felt more and more flustered. She was at a loss of what to do, and her mind was all over the place.

Looking hurt, the man stared at Su Lengxian in disbelief. "Xian Xian, you weren't this heartless yesterday. Last night, you grabbed me with such passion. Look, these scratches were all done by you... Did you forget everything?"

"Shut up, stop speaking! Stop speaking! You're lying to me! Tell me, how much money do you want...? I'll pay you. What happened today can't be leaked." Yes, it definitely couldn't be revealed. She was the darling of the Su family, how could she have done this? She was resolute. Besides feeling the soreness, she was at a loss of what to do.

"Xian Xian, so this is what you think of me. Last night, you were still calling me 'Elder Brother'. Forget it... I'll leave now and treat everything as just a dream." The man's gaze revealed his sorrow and affection.

Su Lengxian met the man's deep gaze and was stunned, "Youyou like me?"

"I've always admired you. When you were feeling down yesterday, I prepared a drink for you, and then joined you while you drank. When you got drunk, I sent you to this room, but you refused to let go of me... You kept calling me 'Elder Brother' and said that... that... you also adored me... In that kind of situation, how could I bear to push you away? Afterward, you..." As he recounted the events of last night, he showed her all the 'evidence' on his back.

'Elder Brother'These two words were like explosives that forced Su Lengxian awake. Yes, she had been very upset yesterday and had wanted her elder brother to avenge her. However, seeing him being intimate with Meng Xinyan, she couldn't take it and went to a bar. In the end...

Thinking of her elder brother, Su Lengxian was terribly heartbroken. She looked at the handsome man and wanted to speak. However, before she could open her mouth, a loud 'bang' sounded, and the door was pried open from the outside.


"Move away..." Click...

"Hurry, quick, take a photo..."

"Make sure not to miss this..."

"You're blocking me, move away quickly..."

From the instant the door opened, cameras, video recorders, and even phones started taking photos incessantly. The entire room was apparently being captured from every single angle.

Su Lengxian was still stupefied, and the continuous flashing blinded her eyes. Hugging the covers, she wanted to hide, but the man tenderly wrapped her in his arms. "Don't be afraid, I'm here."

Seeing them hugging further confirmed the reporters' suspicions. Some of them rushed forward to interrogate her, "Miss Su, as the daughter of the Su family, why are you sleeping in the Luxury Emperor? Who is this man? Could Miss Su explain this?"

"Miss Su, I heard that the Su family has yet to arrange for your marriage. All along, you never had a boyfriend. Is this man in front of us your secret lover?"

"Miss Su, could it be that you also have some secrets that can't be divulged?"


Most of the reporters were aggressive, and this time, Su Lengxian couldn't give a convincing explanations. Her head throbbed even more, and ultimately, she was pushed to her limits. Turning back, she reached for the pillow beside her and threw it vigorously. She berated the crowd, "Get lost. Who allowed you people to enter? On what basis are you interrogating me? I am the daughter of the Su family and my elder brother won't let you get away with this...! Get lost...! Get lost...! Get lost..!." Su Lengxian's head pounded. She was shouting, her body shuddering with anger.

The video recorders had taped every moment. When she had thrown the pillow forcefully earlier, the covers slipped off from her shoulders and revealed a smooth patch of skin, almost making an indecent exposure. The reporters seized the opportunity and snapped away. This was mind-blowing news, and if they were to broadcast this, they would strike a fortune. Their rewards this month could be equivalent to a years' income. Thus, the more Su Lengxian threw a tantrum, the more elated the reporters felt.

At the conference hall, only selected reporters from two companies were permitted entry. Yun Bixue also carried a reporter's tag and walked in. She looked around the entire conference hall, and there were thousands of cameras, all to ensure that the whole inauguration ceremony could be broadcasted live to the citizens of Ning An City.

Security guards patrolled to and fro on the first to third floors of the conference halls. The entire viewing deck was filled with Ning An City's officials of all ranks. Everyone sat upright and still, with their name tags hanging at the front. Some were having quiet discussions while others watched the stage.

Yun Bixue explored the conference hall but didn't see any signs of Xie Limo. She then pressed on the hidden communication device on her ear and tapped a tiny switch on it. Speaking to Yang Mei, she asked, "Is everything ready?"

"Miss, everything is in order. All the computer systems and live television broadcasting stations will be controlled by us throughout the session. Should any incidents arise, we will cut off the transmission."

Following that, Yun Bixue spoke to her family's men of sacrifice on the phone. "Zhou Wu, get Yang Wen and Yang Qiu to keep a close eye on the conference hall. They must ensure Xie Limo's safety. You are responsible for the electrical system. If any incidents arise, destroy all the electrical sources and shut down all the lights." She was concerned that even with the tightest security, there would still be someone who would find a way to shoot him. If the lights were switched off in an emergency, the assassinator wouldn't be able to aim properly. This could be considered a solution.

She continued to give more instructions and finally sat in the reporter's seat.

Although it was Xie Limo's inauguration speech, Yun Bixue started feeling tense herself, as if she'd joined a war and was about to fight a battle. She involuntarily sniggered and shook her head.

She took a look at the time on the clock. It was ten minutes past eight. The conference would start in just twenty minutes.

Time passed slowly, and there was still three minutes until half past eight. Xie Limo had donned a white suit, and he walked up to the podium. From the moment he made his entrance, all the lights shone on him.

Cries of astonishment could be heard amidst the crowd, and the venue then became absolutely silent, as though they were gravely afraid to disturb the elegant and exquisite Young Master Xie.

His white suit further accentuated his alluring smooth skin, and his aura was enchanting. He moved gracefully as though he was treading on fresh flowers. A sense of mystery flowed along with his serenity. He was already magnificent, but at this moment, his coldness was further accompanied by insurmountable beauty. The white suit made it seem like he possessed the whole world's grandeur and collected its radiance. Everything appeared dull compared to him.