Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 790

Chapter 790 Youve Turned Mad For Her

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Yun Bixue’s words were ice-cold, and they pierced right through An Yexuan’s heart.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or mock Yun Bixue as he looked at her. He answered in an indifferent voice, “Yun Bixue, your words are dripping with sarcasm just now. You’re hurting everyone else!”

“No, I only want to protect myself. You were the one who started this and chose to harass me. You know what? If I could turn back time, I’d rather not have met you in university.” This was what Yun Bixue really felt deep down.

An Yexuan felt dejected after hearing those words.

“No, you’re selfish. You should repent about what you did to Chu Fei’er. You’ve done so much to hurt her.”

A dangerous glint appeared in Yun Bixue’s narrowed eyes. She glared intently at An Yexuan and said, “An Yexuan, you’ve turned mad for her. Did she tell you that I hurt her, or did you witness it personally? You’ve become too stubborn and muddled. I have nothing else to say to you. Also, don’t think that I’ll just let what happened to my Yun family rest so easily.” After settling Ning An City’s matters, she would go to Tian Jing City with Xie Limo. During that time, she would fight back and avenge her family. Regardless of how powerful the An family was, she would still press forward.

Meng Xintong couldn’t find Yun Bixue for a long time, so she began to feel anxious. Together with Su Lenghan and Qin Huailing, they searched for her and found her with An Yexuan. Seeing this confrontation, her complexion turned pale, and she hurriedly stood in front of Yun Bixue to block An Yexuan. “Bixue, Young Master Xie is about to return soon and will be looking for you. Let’s hurry up and go back!”


After Yun Bixue left with Meng Xintong, Su Lenghan looked at An Yexuan and hesitated before saying solemnly, “You feel miserable and conflicted deep down, right? You feel bare and empty, but you don’t know why. You think that you’ll feel better if you hurt Yun Bixue, but you feel even more upset when you hurt her. Don’t you understand what this means?”

The reason why he could say those words was because he had experienced those feelings before. Back then, he didn’t know why and only realized it afterwards. By then, Yun Bixue had already found someone else.

Su Lenghan’s words pierced through An Yexuan’s heart. The latter frowned intently and stared hard at Su Lenghan. He refused to admit that he felt exactly what Su Lenghan had described.

While this was going on, Qin Huailing was just nearby, sitting in a wheelchair. His gaze was shining coldly as he pursed his lips, not uttering a single word.

Su Lenghan looked at the stubborn An Yexuan and knew that it was useless to continue persuading him. Even though he was right about many things, An Yexuan had yet to agree with him.

He almost spouted out that the person An Yexuan truly cared about was Yun Bixue! However, Su Lenghan thought that if he were to say those words, An Yexuan might turn crazy. Since Chu Fei’er was no longer around now, he would feel miserable if he were to realize that he didn’t do anything for her and even fell for someone else. A person in that situation would never want to admit it.

Moreover, the business meeting was still ongoing. He didn’t want An Yexuan to throw a fit and cause unrest here.

Even after Yun Bixue walked to her seat, her heart couldn’t calm down. Meng Xintong sat behind her while ranting, “I think there’s something wrong with An Yexuan’s brain. He should visit a psychiatrist, don’t you think? Also, I think there’s something wrong with the way he looks at others. I always feel that he looks at others in a weird way. Did his head suffer a huge blow?”

Yun Bixue considered her words and also agreed that An Yexuan had changed too drastically. His mental stability might have been affected. However, regardless of what happened to him, it had nothing to do with her anymore. As long as An Yexuan didn’t bother her, she didn’t care.

Not long after, Yun Bixue saw Xie Limo walking over with a solemn expression. She stood up and asked, “What happened? Is something wrong?”