Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 794

Chapter 794 Suspicious Old Friend

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Yun Bixue kicked continuously. Coupled with the strength of her punches, she simply didnt allow An Yexuan to react. She wanted to vent her anger, so her actions became stronger, faster, and more accurate.

As for An Yexuan, his shock allowed him to beaten into a corner.

"An Yexuan, if I could, I really want to stab and kill you!"

He didnt know why, but he didnt want to fight back. He blocked her attacks with his elbows and said, "Yun Bixue, I have nothing to do with those photos!"

"An Yexuan, why are you still denying it? Why dont you say that you have nothing to do with the Yun familys bankruptcy too? Why dont you say that youre not responsible for Grandfathers illness? Why? Ahh!" She was kicking An Yexuans face as she said this, his face instantly showing a fresh bruise.

Just before Yun Bixue was going to exert more force, Xie Jiu walked over while holding a struggling woman dressed in black. He said courteously, "Young Madam, this is the suspect. We caught her with those photos in her possession."

Yun Bixues expression changed, and she withdrew her punches. She remained calm and stood upright, lowering her head to look at the woman kneeling on the ground. She thought that she looked familiar and gestured for Xie Jiu to lift her face up.

When she saw that womans face, Yun Bixue was taken aback. "Arent you Li Qiuyan?" Li Qiuyan was the last person that she would ever suspect. She was her schoolmate and a low-profile student who lived in the room next to them.

An Yexuans expression also changed as he asked, "Qiuyan, didnt you say that youre here just to take a look? Did you arrange for this to happen?"

Li Qiuyan raised her hardened face and said without a care, "Thats right. So what if I did it? An Yexuan, Chu Feier loved you so much, but what about you? You turned soft-hearted again and again. You simply refused to avenge Chu Feier, and since youre not going to do it, I will."

"Youre asking for death!"

"Hmph! Chu Feier is dead, so why is my life still worthy? I wont be as timid as you. I dont even know why Chu Feier likes you. Youve become soft for this woman a