Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Gunshot

Although Yun Bixue met Xie Limo almost every day, she couldn't help but be amazed by him. Especially when he glanced over with his gentle gazeher heart started pounding.

The moment he noticed Yun Bixue, the initially aloof Xie Limo curled up his pale pink lips, forming a slight arch. It seemed to decorate his entire being with colorful warmth. He looked as soft as a flower in the snow, as it slowly bloomed.

The host of the conference was also distracted by him, and after snapping out of it, he immediately announced into the microphone, "Let us welcome the leader of Ning An City for the current termXie Limo, Mr. Xie."

With that sentence, the crowd regained their composure, and the venue erupted into thunderous applause.

The speech began sharply at half past eight. Xie Limo stood right in the middle of the stage, facing the microphone on the table. He flashed a leisurely smile and looked magnificent. "People of Ning An City, greetings. I am Xie Limo, and I am honored to be standing here and giving my speech..."

"I promise, that the economy of Ning An City will triple over the next four years, that using advanced technology in the agriculture industry will bring prosperity..."

"I promise, that regardless of your status as part of the royal family or a common civilian, you will receive just and equal treatment In Ning An City..."

"The news reflects the civilians and it brings together the reality of the civilians..."

"Will comprehensively undertake all of Ning An City's civilians' practical matters..."

"I promise that Ning An City will stay ahead of other cities in the entire Country A in future..."

The speech this time around was groundbreaking and one of a kind compared to the previous successions in Ning An City. The crowd was instantly astounded as passion welled up in their hearts, making the citizens fervent.

Moreover, no one had dared to commit to a threefold increase in economic growth; this was difficult to accomplish at Ning An City. Furthermore, none of the previous leaders had promised just treatment for both the royal families and common civilians. Additionally, undertaking the civilians' practical matters was simply brilliant.

The word 'promise' couldn't be spoken by just anyone, and not just anyone dared to use it. By adopting that particular word in his speech, Xie Limo had already captured the hearts of the people through the live broadcasting.

His crisp voice sounded firm as it resounded throughout the hub of the conference hall. It also appeared to have been etched into the crowd's hearts as their enthusiasm seemed unending.

Yun Bixue watched and listened from below with enthusiasm. She was the first to applaud because she felt so proud of him. This was her husband. He was outstanding and even doted on her excessively. He was her saving grace.

More people joined the applause, and the crowd started cheering and clapping in unison. Regardless of how many were satisfied and how many were notat least for this momentdeep down in their hearts, they had been impressed.

Every one appointed as a leader would wish for the economy of Ning An City to flourish, regardless of whether they had any ulterior motives.

Many in the hall offered a standing ovation. At that time, they were full of expectations for how Ning An City would turn out with Xie Limo leading them.

After completing his speech, Xie Limo looked below at the emotional Yun Bixue. His gaze turned warm, and his eyes were filled with gentleness. At such a crucial moment, it was his wife who'd accompanied him and clapped for him. Was there anything else that could make him so heartened and happy?

"Thank you, everyone!" With these three words, Xie Limo took a bow and proceeded to exit the stage. Suddenly, the reporter seated beside Yun Bixue stood up and yelled, "Young Master Xie, your speech has been pleasing to the ears, but how do you explain the information that I have in my hands? You abused your authority to remove the dean from his position! It seems like Young Master Xie will also go also out just for a woman...! Also this, Young Master Xie hired someone to destroy all the cameras of the reporters...! Young Master Xie"

The abrupt voice interrupted the applause. Yun Bixue responded first, and she lunged forward, flinging him over her shoulder and slamming him hard on the ground. In her fury, she'd applied her entire force.

Bang! "Ah...!" With that, the reporter who'd just been speaking lost consciousness. He was in great pain.

Just as the reporter shouted out his first accusation, the signals had already been tactically cut off by Yang Mei. The live broadcasting channel was now simply airing a blank screen.

Everyone had believed that the reception was poor. The conference was at its climax, and the transmission simply stopped. The people almost destroyed their televisions in their exasperation.

Yun Bixue picked up the microphone and said, "Mr. Xie's speech was refreshing even to the ears of the reporters. I believe everyone is full of anticipation for the future of Ning An City. Best wishes to Mr. Xie."

Throughout her commentary, she made no mention of the reporter that had just passed out. Yun Bixue also stood right on that person's hand, her high heels digging into him mercilessly. She pressed down even harder after she spoke.

The other reporters who had come with Reporter Wang shivered in unison, and they quietly inched away from Yun Bixue. Although they were also unclear about what happened, they suspected that Reporter Wang could have been bribed by someone else. Reporter Wang had failed to consider the circumstances when he chose to attack Young Master Xie during a live telecast.

Right after Yun Bixue concluded perfectly, the sound of a gun going off rang through the walls of the venue. Xie Limo dodged to the side, and the bullet hit the wall, going through it.

"Ahh...!" As the lights of the conference hall switched off, the venue was thrown into a state of chaos. The crowd dashed out in a hurry, their footsteps moving non-stop.

Yun Bixue had planned for such a mess so that in this disorder, the assassinator would naturally be unable to take a proper aim. Based on her judgment, she ran onto the stage. She wanted to protect Xie Limo.

However, after taking just a few uneasy steps, she fell into a mysterious and warm embrace, and a clear voice rang out beside her ear. "Silly, I'm fine." The tone sounded tender and affectionate.

Since the electricity and transmission signals had been disrupted, the outsiders knew nothing about what happened inside the venue. Finally, the chaos was contained by the special forces and security guards. They caught one assassin, but the rest escaped.

Although the duration of the speech had been short, it had left a deep impression in everyone's hearts. It could be considered to have ended fairly decently.

However, Yun Bixue was enraged. She didn't even want to think about what she would do if the bullet had really landed on Xie Limo's body. After much adversity, she finally had a loving home and had found someone who cherished and protected her. She must defend her own happiness and protect Xie Limo.

After the news channel aired a blank screen, everyone could only switch to another channel. A breaking piece of news caught everybody's attention"Miss Su and her secret lover slept together at Luxury Emperor... Although Miss Su has denied it, all the evidence points towards one truth... Miss Su also failed to identify her lover's status and name. Our early suspicion is that it was Miss Su's one night stand..." The news of Su Lengxian appearing at Luxury Emperor was instantly known by everyone. They all knew that the Su family was one of the royal families of Ning An City. The Su Family Organization ran many large consortiums, and in particular, Young Master Su was the dream man of every spinster. He was magnificent and elegant, upright and exquisite, and there had been recent rumors of his engagement with the top socialiteMeng Xinyan.

The Su family had always been a noble family and never generated any detrimental news. The issue caused by Miss Su seemed to be an unintentional slap to the faces of the entire Su family.