Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 801

Chapter 801 More And More Popular

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Ever since the business meeting ended, Yun Bixue and Xie Limo were growing more and more popular

Even the employees of the Snow Cloud Group were incredibly excited. Most of them didn’t know Yun Bixue’s true identity and thought that she was just from the HR department. They hoped that President Yang would give her a pay raise and make her stay in the company. After all, with Yun Bixue in the Snow Cloud Group, her presence served as some sort of an advertisement—their sales just kept on rising and rising.

Whenever she walked into Snow Cloud Group, everyone greeted her cheerfully. This time, they weren’t just respectful. They showed great enthusiasm with their greetings. Everyone had accepted Yun Bixue sincerely, and even after hearing that she was the real President, everyone was still happy.

As for those five nobles families, led by the Fang family, they closed their shops one by one. After the business meeting, they were snubbed by the other households. The small to mid-ranked families that had been oppressed in the past now possessed enough power and authority to fight back.

In fact, the families who attended the business meeting were all chosen because of Ning An City’s direction of economic progress. Not only that these five households were not invited, but the citizens of Ning An City no longer trusted their products. Within the past half month, no one had purchased any of their items nor used their services at all.

The five heads of those families were all flustered. With a reminder by a certain someone, they began to take loans from external organizations.

Just as they thought that they could finally catch their breaths, the police and law officials came searching. They provided evidence that showed that they had collectively tried to assassinate Young Master Xie and Miss Yun, which led to their arrest and interrogation.

These five families had no time to rest at all as they suffered continuous blows. At that time, someone retrieved their proofs of loan to collect their debts. If they didn’t pay back the money soon, their properties and assets would be seized immediately.

With a series of events happening simultaneously, the five families were utterly flustered and rendered helpless. Some of them regretted their actions and felt miserable, while others were livid. Nevertheless, they agreed that Young Master Xie from Ning An City wasn’t one to be trifled with, and Miss Yun was an even more formidable foe.

They thought that since they had been able to live a peaceful life for a long time, nothing would happen to them. They had never expected that more misfortunes were waiting for them.

Before the master of the Fang family fainted, he yelled, “Xie Limo, you’re really cruel! You win this time!” At that moment, they were amazed at him. Why was Young Master Xie here in Ning An City? If he weren’t here, their families would still be the power-wielders.

As for the other families who didn’t join them, they thought of how bleak those five families’ plights were. They were reminded of how the Jia, Shen, Du, and Zheng families ended up in the gutter as they patted their chests, feeling gravely afraid. Fortunately, they hadn’t joined them. No one could afford to offend Young Master Xie indeed.

Deep down, they resolutely thought that they had to strictly follow Young Master Xie’s instructions in the future. They ought to treat his words as the law—this was the lesson they learned after witnessing such a tragedy.

Yun Bixue laid on the sofa and watched TV. Watching the news, she felt that Ning An City was finally within Xie Limo’s control, and she could finally rest assured now. No one would dare to cause any trouble again in the future.

Yun Bixue hummed a song while munching on an apple. Young Master Xie had specially ordered his subordinates to purchase apples after visiting She Xia, a place renowned for the said fruit. The apples from that place were crunchy and juicy, and they couldn’t be found anywhere else.

When Xie Limo returned home, he saw his wife smiling to herself. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he shook his head. After removing his coat and hanging it on the rack, he walked over to the sofa. Resting his hand against the back of Yun Bixue’s head, he pressed his lips against hers.

Yun Bixue groaned and almost dropped the apple in her hand. “I’m eating an apple now, so my mouth is full of saliva and apple bits.”