Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 806

Chapter 806 The Treatment A Citys First Lady Receives

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Wang Man placed the stack of documents on the table before replying happily, "Okay." After fixing her clothes, she followed Yun Bixue out.

Yun Bixue chose a classy restaurant to treat Wang Man. All throughout their meal, her bodyguards were watching and protecting her from a safe distance.

When the restaurants manager recognized Yun Bixue, he immediately came over to welcome her in a respectful manner and promptly brought them to a private room.

A diner who was at the side complained, "Wow? They said all the private rooms are reserved! How come theres a room available now? Whats with this huge difference in treatment?"

The lady at the side replied, "Thats enough. Didnt you see who it was? Shes the first lady of this city. If you were in that managers shoes, you wouldve done the same, wouldnt you?"

The man rubbed his chin. "Yeah, you have a point there. Alright, just give us a table."

"Okay, please follow me," said the restaurants host to the two diners.

When Yun Bixue and Wang Man entered the private room, they ordered the signature dishes of that restaurant. After taking their orders, the manager immediately rushed to the kitchen to get the head chef to prepare their food before the other customers.

The moment the manager left the kitchen, the head chef complained stuffily, "Whos the big shot that the manager is welcoming today? Its the first time Ive seen him running around like this."

"Who knows? We just have to do our job well."

Later, when Yun Bixue and Wang Man were done with their lunch, they coincidentally saw Meng Xinyan and the man Yun Bixue saw at the supermarket the other time. A waiter was leading them to a private room as well.

When Wang Man noticed that Yun Bixue paused in her steps and appeared distracted, she followed the latters gaze and whispered, "Elder Sister Yun, isnt that an employee from Su Family Organization? Ive met her before when we cooperated with them."

Yun Bixue carefully considered Wang Mans words before revealing an enlightened expression. No wonder he was familiarhe was an employee of Su Family Organi