Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 808

Chapter 808 Demon Fox Of The South

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Wang Qianjin did not say anything as he listened to the report. Something dark and intoxicating shone in his eyes as an oppressive aura loomed across the entire villa.

The maid who was kneeling by the side did not dare to breathe deeply, afraid that she would anger Young Master Wang.

Everyone knew about the legend of the demon fox of the south who was able to mesmerize beauties and capture the hearts of people—an indisputably attractive existence. The person who they were referring to was actually the extremely beautiful young master of the Wang family, Wang Qianjin.

No one knew how this rumor started, but many noble families from the south knew about it.

There were even more noble ladies who secretly admired Young Master Wang. They would do anything just to meet him once, but after so many years, he remained untainted despite walking through a swamp of women. He did not lack a woman by his side, but people had never seen him settle down with one either.

Some people speculated that Young Master Wang was emotionless, while others said that he did have feelings but was just exploring to find his one true love.

Of course, those were just speculations. Secretly, all the girls were plotting to get into Young Master Wang’s bed. After all, if they become Young Master Wang’s woman, their position would definitely rise.

The maids who served Young Master Wang looked at him in admiration as well. Sometimes, it felt as if one glance at him was worth their entire life. However, they feared him deep inside as well. Young Master Wang might look as if he could take good care of a woman—so intoxicating and moving—but when he was angry, his vicious side was frightening. He could smile beautifully while taking someone’s life. When he had you mesmerized, he could push you down a cliff as well.

When the subordinate finished his report, he bowed respectfully, not daring to raise his head. Beads of perspiration were dripping from his forehead as an oppressive feeling pressed down on him.

Wang Qianjin looked at the chandelier above him, a dark gleam reflecting in his eyes. It was hard to tell what was on his mind at that moment.

After a while, his lips twitched into a smirk, and his eyes seemed like they would incinerate everything around him.

He sat up elegantly and changed his position. “A business meeting in the North? That’s interesting! You may rise!”


Wang Qianjin emitted a lazy and tired aura. The previous incident at Wang family’s headquarters tired him out immensely. Since he finally got a chance to rest, he really didn’t want to move.

Thinking about Yun Bixue, interest flashed in his eyes. “That Yun Bixue dressed up pretty nicely for the business meeting. I heard that people were shocked at how she looked. Bring me the photograph, let me take a look again.”

The subordinate’s lips twitched inconceivably. He didn’t understand why people thought that the young madam of the Xie family was beautiful, but since Young Master Wang ordered for it, he did not dare to defy him.

He went out to get the photo and returned with it a while later.

Wang Qianjin looked at Yun Bixue’s photo while leaning languidly on the chair. His expression shifted as he said, “Is this Blue Ocean’s gown?” Other people might not be familiar with it, but he knew that its price was a hefty sum. It was one of a kind in Country A. People from Ning An City might not recognize the gown, but if it were to appear in Tian Jing City, people would definitely know about it.

This Xie Limo pampered his wife quite a lot since he gave her such an expensive gown. However, the more Xie Limo cared, the more glaring his weakness was.

As Wang Qianjin squinted at the photo, his languid expression faded bit by bit to reveal a serious one. Eventually, his expression became dark and intoxicating, making it hard to guess what he was thinking.

After he was done with the photo, he ordered, “Put the photo up!”

His subordinate was a little startled. Put the photo up? What did he mean by that?