Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 809

Chapter 809 The Wang Family's Thousand Year Old History

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Looking at how his subordinate did not move, Wang Qianjin became angry. A murderous intent flashed across his intoxicating eyes, and in a short while, the atmosphere became dangerous, suffocating the two maids who were there.

The said subordinate quickly bowed and left the room with Yun Bixue’s photo. He could only heave a sigh of relief after he left the villa. As a subordinate, he really couldn’t predict what Young Master Wang was thinking.

Wang Qianjin sat for a moment, his eyes glittering with malice. His slender hand rested on the back of the chair while the other one supported his head. After being in deep thought for a while, he ordered the two maids, “You two, get out!”


The moment the two maids left respectfully, his expression became calm.

The Wang family was a thousand-year-old family. The traditions and customs passed down were still those that helped them conquer dynasties.

It wasn’t easy becoming a maid of the Family Head and Young Master of the Wang family. They were required to go through rounds of elimination and had to be multi-talented. Becoming one of the Young Master’s maids was something to be proud of because it showed that their position was unlike others. It was a job and status that they took pride in having.

That was one of the philosophies of a thousand-year-old noble family. It was something an ordinary citizen could not understand.

After the maids left, Wang Qianjin summoned a few family members and called for a meeting.

When they caught wind that Young Master Wang wished to go out, they were all unwilling.

“Young Master Wang, the headquarters has yet to stabilize. We need you here.”

“Young Master Wang, only your presence can calm the hearts of our people.”

Wang Qianjin raised his brows as his slender fingers tapped on the table. He drawled, “We still have Old Master, don’t we? He’s still healthy, so get him to be in charge around here.”

Everyone wanted to cry after hearing his words. Old Master left all his power and wealth to Young Master after saying that he wished to retire quietly. How could they dare to trouble Old Master after that?

Speaking of their headquarters, Wang Qianjin was irritated, but he had to hand it to Xie Limo. The latter’s cunning move was so effective that he was able to capture the Wang family’s weakness in a way that made it hard for him to leave this place.

Since Xie Limo gifted him with something like this, how could he not return it? That was why he had to go to the North, even if it was just to create a little trouble for Xie Limo. It felt uncomfortable having to hold in all the anger he felt—he needed to vent it out.

Furthermore, he wanted to see that Yun Bixue again. He saved her life, and yet she escaped without even a word of gratitude!

“Young Master Wang? Young Master Wang?”

The subordinates found Young Master Wang’s expression strange. He was always strict and serious during their meetings. It was rare for him to be absent-minded like this, so what was wrong with him today?

“Yes, where did we stop?”

“Young Master Wang, do we need to increase the security of the Wang family’s main areas? Do we need more training for our men of sacrifice?”

Wang Qianjin squinted his eyes as a dark light shone in them. After a while, an enchanting smile appeared on his face. “Get the elders of the five phases and eight trigrams to come and set up a thorough defense around the main grounds. That way, people can’t even get near it. Guard the seas and the skies strictly as well. No one is to trespass on Wang family’s grounds.”

“Understood!” After Young Master Wang’s orders, they finally heaved a sigh of relief. Young Master Wang was still himself. As long as he was here, there was nothing to worry about.

After the meeting, Wang Qianjin flipped through the documents in his hand. He looked through all the recent news about Ning An City and mumbled to himself, “While I’m not there, the two of them have really controlled Ning An City. Having such a strong opponent, it’s finally getting interesting.”

After a call, Wang Qianjin left the Wang family that night. No one knew where he went. The subordinates could only sigh that they couldn’t keep their Young Master here.