Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Breaking News on Miss Su

When the news regarding Su Lengxian broke out, the conference hall was engulfed in darkness and Yun Bixue was in Xie Limo's embrace.

Xie Limo held onto Yun Bixue and leaned down to escort her away from the central area. Maneuvering in the dark, they reached a hidden spot backstage.

The sounds of gunshots echoed non-stop.

Yun Bixue's face turned paleit was her first time ever hearing the real sound of a gunshot.

Xie Limo felt that there was something amiss with Yun Bixue, and he sighed softly. Planting a kiss on her hair, he murmured, "Don't be afraid, I'm right here. We won't be exposed in this place, so take it easy. I'm right here."

For reasons unknown, as Yun Bixue listened to Xie Limo, her heart felt more composed. It was as if Xie Limo's presence was as effective as a tranquilizer.

Yun Bixue hugged Xie Limo's waist and nodded. "Yes, I'm not worried, and I'm not scaredas long as you're safe." He was right beside her, physically unhurt, and she no longer had to feel fearful. With the transmission sources cut off, she couldn't contact Yang Mei and the three men of sacrifice.

Hearing Yun Bixue's words, Xie Limo felt a wave of emotions surge through him, causing ripples in his heart. As these feelings flowed through, his heart melted. This dainty lady had shown such brutality while wearing a calm demeanor, and now she was lying affectionately in his arms. It was hard for him not to love her tenderly and dearly.

He didn't know when, but he felt that she had already found her place in his heart.

After about half an hour, the situation had been contained, and the electricity and signals were restored. Thankfully, there were no deaths, and only about ten officials had injuries, who were sent to the hospital immediately.

Xie Limo stayed to restore order and Yun Bixue lingered beside him to assist. Their coordination was unrivaled.

By the time all matters had been resolved, it was already past one in the afternoon. Exhausted, Yun Bixue spoke to Zhou Wu over the phone, "Have you found any leads?"

"Even the special forces couldn't find anything unusual on site. However, we did find some tiny traces from where the gun had been shot. There was a strand of long hair and another strand of short hair, and also some blood stains..."

"Great, that should be sufficient. You must get to the bottom of this. I want to know who's sick enough of living that they would dare to harm Limo!" A ghastly and murderous look flashed through Yun Bixue's eyes. Anyone who tried to assassinate Xie Limo would instantly become her foe.

She needed to protect her own happiness. If she managed to identify the assassin this time, she would be the first to exact punishment. Regardless of who they were, she would kill them to serve as a warning to those prepared to create trouble.

"Also, pay close attention to the movements of the Jia, Shen, Du, and Chen family... If there are any suspicious activities, report to me." That day, these people had planned to cause harm to Xie Limo. It was hard to say that they hadn't been involved in today's incident.


When Xie Limo was done, he looked over at the upset Yun Bixue and walked over, his heart feeling tender. "You must be hungry. Since the matters here have been resolved, I'll bring you home to eat."

"Will it be dangerous outside?"

"Don't worry. The special forces have controlled the scene outside, and my car is also a specially-made, bullet-proof vehicle. There are also hidden guards and other guards shadowing us, so nothing will happen. In the meantime, the public security of Ning An City will be tightened."

Yun Bixue nodded and finally left with Xie Limo. The surrounding people had been occupied with treating the injured and restoring the venue. None of them noticed that Xie Limo held Yun Bixue's hand as they left.

Even if anyone caught on, they also knew about their relationship. After all, Young Master Xie had personally confessed their close ties some time back. As such, no one paid any excessive attention to them.

Because of today's crisis, Xie Limo and Yun Bixue tightly held each other's hands. They especially cherished their home today, and both wanted to protect everything that they shared.

When Su Lengxian's news broke out, countless people were discussing about it. Even the families of common civilians grew familiar with the Su family.

"Oh my, it was actually the Miss from the Su family. This... This can't be fake, right?"

"Look carefully, was this faked?"

"Look at the quality, it's so clear. It's definitely real. Tsk, really! Miss Su appears elegant on the outside, but deep down, she's truly cheap. Look at her body, there are still marks. Tsk, tsk..."

"Exactly, she really is shameless. For the Su family to produce such a lady, hmph! This is such an eye-opener."

"She's rich, so she can have fun. Of course, she can afford to have one-night stands. Look at these photoslook at her figure. She could be a model!"

"Tsk, getting all starry-eyed again. Why would she fall for you? She's still Miss Su from the Su family."

"I still thought of her as my dream lover, but she turned out to be such trash!"


After the news of Su Lengxian broke out, it was considered a sizzling-hot scandal across Ning An City. Everyone agreed that Su Lengxian had truly been unlucky. Her story had been aired right when everyone was waiting in front of the television to watch the news. Therefore, almost everyone in the city across all ages had learned about it.

The number of visits to any website related to the Su family raised by ten-fold. Even the ratings for news channels rose steadily, and the newspapers kept being reprinted.

"Quick! If this explosive progress continues, we'll be able to hit our work quota before the end of the quarter!" The director of the newspaper bureau reviewed the sales figures and exclaimed excitedly. To them, they were not bothered by whether or not the Su family had been involved. Only earth-shattering news stories were meaningful to them.

With Young Master Xie taking over the leadership of Ning An City, news concerning the issues of the common civilians have been reported which focused on the truth. The influential families now no longer dared to suppress these news agencies. Because of this, they were all supportive of Young Master Xie.

The negative news further contrasted against Young Master Xie's positive energy. Although Young Master Xie's speech was not broadcasted fully and had met with some hiccups, it was conclusively explained that the signals had been disrupted that day. This explanation had been widely accepted by all.

Because of this piece of news, the Su family was thrown into a state of chaos, and everyone was in terrible shape.

Su Lengxian's mother had fainted from her fury, and her father was irascible, refusing to acknowledge her as his daughter and evicted her from home.

A slight hint of worry graced Su Lenghan's exquisite brows. He hadn't rested these past few days as he busied himself with suppressing Su Lengxian's news. Ever since the incident, Su Lengxian was nowhere to be found.

The Su Family Organization's stocks fell continuously, and its impact on the entire organization was severe. Almost all the responsibilities fell on Su Lenghan. He had to stabilize the situation with the organization and also grapple with the consequences of his sister's news.

"Young Master Su, you should go back and rest!" Zhao Wei looked at Young Master Su who had been toiling away recently and couldn't help pleading.

"I'm fine. Since you're off work now, you should go back first." Su Lenghan spoke without raising his head, his attention on the assortment of documents and reports on his desk.

Zhao Wei felt nostalgic for the past; if Miss Yun were still by Young Master Su's side, she wouldn't let him fight alone. It had already been several days, but the Meng family had yet to lend a helping hand to the Su family.

As an outsider, he could clearly tell those who were good and who truly felt bad for Young Master Su. However, could Young Master Su himself tell the difference?

After some hesitation, Zhao Wei left Su Lenghan's office. Shortly after, he ordered some takeaway and placed it on Su Lenghan's desk. "Young Master Su, it's been a day since you last ate. Your stomach won't be able to take it. You should at least eat a little!"