Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Proposing At The Plaza

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Yun Bixue felt as if she was being sucked into his soulful eyes. They held the most mysterious allure—like an entrance to another realm.

Her heart thumped involuntarily. This was her husband. Her most gentle and kind husband. All that affection coming from his gaze were only for her.

Looking at the sweet smile on Yun Bixue’s face, Xie Limo’s heart stirred, and he could not help but lower his head to kiss her on the lips.

Fireworks bloomed beautifully in the sky continuously while the two of them carved the most heartwarming scene beneath it.

All of a sudden, cheers and screams sounded from nearby, scaring the couple. Yun Bixue pushed Xie Limo away quickly as she tried to regain her breathing in his embrace.

Xie Limo chuckled lightly as he caressed her hair. He looked at the crowd that was forming and the music and screams that were coming from it.

After Yun Bixue caught her breath, she turned her head and asked, “I wonder what’s happening in there?”

“From the looks of it, the fireworks seemed to have been set off from there.”

The corners of Yun Bixue’s lips tilted up. “Something lively is always happening at the plaza.”

At that moment, the little girl who was selling roses seemed to have finished giving them out. She waved to Yun Bixue and Xie Limo to bid farewell.

“Little miss, what’s with the crowd over there?”

The girl replied in a crisp voice. “Pretty Elder Sister, a gentleman was giving flowers to a lady over there. Flowers were also lined up very prettily. They said that it was a proposal, but I’m not sure what that is. I’m going home now since my mum and younger brother is waiting for me.”

Yun Bixue waved goodbye to the girl and looked at the commotion. “So, it’s a proposal. Why don’t we go and take a look? Let’s immerse ourselves in the atmosphere.”

Xie Limo replied adoringly, “Okay!” As long as she wanted to look at it, he would accompany her.

Yun Bixue tugged Xie Limo’s arm excitedly and headed towards the crowd.

Xie Limo was initially walking elegantly, but he started running because of Yun Bixue’s strong pull. It had been a long time since he ran like this. At that moment, he was like a young boy, always in a hurry and running around.

When they reached the crowd, people had already formed a circle around the said couple. Yun Bixue stood on tiptoes and saw that the roses were arranged in a heart shape. A man was kneeling in the middle of it, proposing to the lady standing in front of him.

Everyone started encouraging him by clapping and shouting, “Say yes! Marry him! Marry him!”

With tears in her eyes, the lady nodded, and the man slid the ring on her finger. Afterwards, they embraced and engaged in a passionate kiss. The crowd around them erupted into thunderous applause and cheers of congratulations.

Yun Bixue revealed an expression of envy. It was every girl’s dream to be proposed to, that’s why seeing such a scene made her happy.

When Xie Limo saw his wife’s glistening eyes, guilt flashed in his eyes. He had never proposed to his wife. He didn’t wish to owe her anything. Whatever other people had, he wished to give it to her—he wanted to give her a lot, lot more.

As they walked away to return home, Yun Bixue chattered ceaselessly like a sparrow. Xie Limo listened happily to her chatter, not saying a single word.

When Yun Bixue realized that she had been talking too much, she immediately shut her mouth and asked softly, “Hubby, do you realize that I talk a lot more now?” She wondered where her reserved and awkward self had gone to—she had, indeed, changed.

“It’s good that you’re talkative now. You can talk while I listen until we’re old and grey.”

“You won’t find it bothersome?”

“Why should I? You are my wife. Because of your presence, I don’t feel lonely. Even the air around me smells good.”

The two of them chatted, and as they walked down the streets, the long shadows that formed under the streetlights appeared equally harmonious.