Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Aunt Qin Was The Mastermind

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When they arrived home, Yun Bixue laid on the bed, smiling happily while hugging a pillow. Xie Limo, who was sitting near her feet, lightly tapped on her leg and said, “Go and take a shower now so you can sleep early. If you sleep too late, dark circles will form under your eyes.”

Yun Bixue smiled tenderly before shifting beside Xie Limo. After hugging and giving him a peck on the cheek, she left for the bathroom.

Xie Limo shook his head and chuckled. A moment later, he received a call from Xie Jiu regarding the poor living conditions of the little girl who sold him the rose. He then made arrangements to help them using the government’s financial aid, so the little girl’s mother could go to the hospital for treatment while she and her younger brother could go to school.

After listening to the report, Xie Limo hung up. He looked in the direction of the bathroom, and his lips that were like cherry blossoms tilted up into an enchanting curl. With Yun Bixue’s kind personality, she would definitely be happy to hear this news!

After a few days, another news caused an uproar in Ning An City. Someone tried to assassinate Qin Huailing as two cars tried to reverse into his car.

Fortunately, a CCTV camera at the place of the incident managed to record the attempt. The video was uploaded online, sparking an uproar among the citizens.

Although Qin Huailing was not injured, the police started their investigations immediately. The drivers were arrested immediately and interrogated mercilessly. Based on their confession and pieces of evidence, they found out that the mastermind was Aunt Qin from the Qin family!

When the police released this report online, everyone couldn’t believe it. Aunt Qin was the benefactor of the Qin family! Why would she want to harm Qin Huailing? After all, he was her nephew.

“Seriously? How can this be true?”

“Anything is possible. This kind of thing frequently happens in noble families because of their struggle for power. What they show to the public was just a farce to mislead people.”

“I remember an accident happened when Aunt Qin was about thirty years old? Young Master Qin’s legs were injured while his father fell into a coma. A series of misfortunes happened after that and were alleviated only because Aunt Qin gave up on her relationship and career to help with the Qin family’s business. Everyone praised her for her nobility, and she even went around finding a doctor for Young Master Qin!”

“Well, you can’t trust these rumors. It might have been done on purpose. She returned intentionally to take over the family head position, and now she became the CEO of the Qin Family Organization. It’s her word that counts now.”

The women in the office were the most gossipy ones. Everyone started moving their chairs together and speculated. “I heard that Aunt Qin became a huge joke in the business meeting.”

“I heard that too. She brought a fake invitation and said that she was the representative of the Qin family for the business meeting. Pftt! Who is she? How can an old woman like her compare to Young Master Qin!”

“I know, right? Even if Young Master Qin’s legs are crippled, it wouldn’t be that old woman’s turn to lead the family!”

“Tsk tsk. My gosh. Aunt Qin was so arrogant that time and didn’t even care about her reputation. In the end, the guards chased her away. Haha! How pathetic!”

While everyone was gossiping, the ladies were obviously on Young Master Qin’s side. They sympathized with what happened to him in the past and were disgusted by the assassination attempt from Aunt Qin. While this topic was still hotly discussed, another notification popped up from the bottom right corner of their computer screens.

“Quick, take a look at this! The police have just released another piece of news!”

“Wow! Is this for real? Aunt Qin actually has a son with one of the shareholders of the Qin Family Organization!”

“No wonder! She hid it pretty well. Did she plan on giving the family business to her son? This old woman is too scheming.”