Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 814

Chapter 814 Qin Huailings Confrontation

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Upon the release of the news that Aunt Qin had a son, it became widely discussed. It had been a long time since Ning An City had such a hot topic, so naturally, a lot of people couldn’t help but give their opinions.

“Aunt Qin is so shameless and scheming.”

“If I ever see that old woman, I will cut her into pieces.”

“How infuriating! She returned to the Qin family to seize power. It was too much of her to oppress Young Master Qin.”

“I remember that one time when Aunt Qin was around, Young Master Qin couldn’t even speak. Just thinking about it infuriates me.”

The moment the news was released, Aunt Qin was brought to the police station. Since it was an attempted murder, the police wasted no time and arrested her immediately.

When Aunt Qin caught wind that the news that she had a son was spreading like wildfire, she plopped on the floor, her face revealing her shock and distress. This couldn’t be. It couldn’t be.

She had planned so long for this, so how could she be discovered after such a long time? She still had to pass the Qin family to her son. No way. She had to go out.

No matter how much Aunt Qin screamed and shouted, no one cared. When she was almost out of breath and energy, a policeman brought her out and said, “Someone wishes to speak to you.”

Aunt Qin was thrilled. Could it be her son or her son’s father?

When she saw that it was Qin Huailing, her legs turned into jelly, and the smile on her face stiffened. How could it be him?

Not only that, but the present Qin Huailing had a bone-chilling expression, his eyes piercing straight through her. His gaze was cold that she didn’t dare to look him in the eye.

This was something she had never felt before. Qin Huailing always had his head lowered and seldom looked at her. That was why this expression of his made her stunned speechless.

Although she wanted to speak, no sound seemed to come out of her mouth.

Qin Huailing’s gaze was chillingly cold, and his lips tilted up into a sinister smile. “Aunt, I’m here to visit you. I even brought your favorite food because I’m afraid that you won’t get to eat this in the future.”

Aunt Qin’s heart thumped, and her entire body froze at his gaze. It was as though her body was submerged into ice water. She tried her best to regain her usual composure and said, “Qin Huailing, I have treated you pretty well. What is the meaning of this?”

“Oh? You treat me pretty well? So, those assassinations were considered as treating me well? That’s news to me. Are you disappointed that I’m still alive?” Qin Huailing said in a deadpan voice.

After hearing those words, Aunt Qin became even more restless. Her instincts were telling her that her nephew was definitely planning to do something. “What do you want?”

Qin Huailing locked his gaze on hers. “I will treat your son like how you treated me. Oh, no. Even though his surname is not Qin, I guess he’s my younger cousin?”

Aunt Qin slammed the table, the clanging sound from her handcuffs reverberating through the room. She stared hard at Qin Huailing and snarled, “You dare! You can’t do that.”

Qin Huailing tapped at his own leg and smiled at her. “Aunt, can you see this? Nothing’s impossible. Since you could do this to your own nephew, what do you think I can’t do? Just stay here and wait for the news. I hope that you will be able to withstand it once you hear it.”

Aunt Qin’s heart was pounding anxiously against her ribs. He wanted to grab Qin Huailing and stop him, but looking at his retreating figure, she could only scream. “Qin Huailing! You dare! If you do anything to him, I will not forgive you!”

The person who Aunt Qin cared the most was her own son. She wanted to obtain everything for his sake. Who would’ve thought that all her efforts would end up hurting him? No, no… She must stop Qin Huailing!

She dropped to her knees as she sobbed. “Qin Huailing, have you forgotten about the Yuan family? You still remember Miss Yuan, right?”