Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 815

Chapter 815 His Heart Was The One Aching

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No matter how much Aunt Qin screamed and shouted, Qin Huailing did not turn back. When he left, he looked at his legs and laughed self-deprecatingly. Who was Miss Yuan? He should have long forgotten about her. Now, all he knew was that the Yuan family was his enemy!

From now on, he was in charge of the Qin family. He would bring the Qin family into Tian Jing City and get back what they had lost from the Yuan family.

For the next several days, the headlines in Ning An Citys news were all about what happened in the Qin family.

Yun Bixue had a habit of reading newspapers in the office, so she knew about what happened to the Qin family in this period. She turned to look at the stocks on her computer screen and saw that the Qin familys shares had been fluctuating a lot for the past few days. Despite the inconsistency, its overall value increased.

At that point, Qin Huailing became the true head of the Qin family. Although his legs remained crippled, no one opposed his rise to the seat.

Yun Bixue was curious. How did Qin Huailing become this powerful? His rise to power was so effortless that he had appeased and satisfied everyone in such a short time.

That night, when she was about to sleep, Yun Bixue voiced her question out loud to Xie Limo. The latter just caressed her back and smiled without a word.

Yun Bixue came to a sudden realization and raised her head. "Limo, could it be that you helped him?"

Xie Limo continued to smile. "I gave him information about most of the people in the Qin family. Everyone has their weakness. As long as he took down a few people, it will be easy. Of course, what comes after that would be all up to him."

"Hubby, you really helped him out a lot. Im sure he will be grateful to you."

Xie Limo ran his slender fingers through Yun Bixues hair and said, "He was good on his own and has accumulated enough power. All I did was to boost it a little. Even if I did not help him, he would eventually get the Qin family back. If he was someone who couldnt hold his own against an enemy, I wouldnt have helped him."

"But didnt you say earli