Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Autumn Vacation

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While Yun Bilu was slacking off, Xiao Huan was packing her luggage on her bed. Seeing how Yun Bilu was acting, she threw her pillow over and asked, “Look at you. Are you planning to go home or not?”

Yun Bilu sat up immediately. “Who said I’m not going home? Just thinking about the autumn break makes me so happy. Haha! I can finally go back and see Grandfather and Elder Sister.” As she said this, she hugged the pillow that Xiao Huan had thrown at her and grinned.

Xiao Nan, who was packing her box on the floor, asked in an incredulous voice, “Little Lulu, you’re the reason why we have this autumn break, isn’t it?”

Yun Bilu waved her hands as she denied it. “I don’t know, so don’t ask me, okay?”

“Don’t leave us hanging. Even if you say so, it’s not that hard for us to guess the real score. Here at Noel Harlem University, even the director listens to Young Master Huang. We don’t even know why he’s so powerful. How could we have not realized it before?”

Chu Xin casually flipped her hair. “We found this out after putting two and two together. Young Master Huang is definitely not a simple person. When he asked for an autumn vacation, the school administration promptly arranged the schedule in such a way that allowed for one. The teachers and students didn’t even have any opinion. In other words, people cannot and do not oppose whatever Young Master Huang wants. Doesn’t this prove that his influence is beyond that of a normal person’s? Little Lulu, from now on, I’ll hang out with you more often.” As she said the last statement, her hand landed hard on Yun Bilu’s shoulders.

Yun Bilu raised both her hands. “Oh no, don’t do that! Goddess Chu Xin, it’s me who wants to hang out with you!”

“With Young Master Huang by your side, you still want to hang out with us? We can’t help but want a bit of that glory too. Pack your things now. It’s late. When the three of us leave, no one will be here to help you.”

“Oh, I don’t really have much to pack. I just need to go back.”

Xiao Nan lightly poked Yun Bixue on the chest. “Little Lulu, don’t forget to pack the presents we prepared for Elder Sister Bixue, okay? It will be a waste of our efforts if you leave them. Also, you must remember to give this congratulatory video to her.”

Yun Bilu smiled happily. Her friends from her dormitory truly made her feel at home. She hugged and kissed them one by one as she said, “You are my cutest sisters! Don’t worry, I’ll take them with me and won’t forget them. Trust me. My elder sister will definitely prepare a surprise for you guys too.”

“That’s more like it. We actually wanted to attend, but we took into consideration that your elder sister and brother-in-law wanted a low profile wedding ceremony. When they hold a big one in the future, they must invite us.”

Yun Bilu clapped. “Of course, I will tell my elder sister.” As a matter of fact, the family backgrounds of Xiao Huan, Xiao Nan, and Chu Xin were not that bad. If they were to go and attend the wedding, there was no way her elder sister could hold a low profile wedding. After discussing it, they decided not to go and sent gifts instead.

When her three roommates finally left with their luggage, Yun Bilu remained in the room, staring at her own things. A moment later, her phone rang, and she immediately answered it once she saw that it was Huang Yize. “Hello!”

Huang Yize’s crisp voice came from the cell phone, “Are you done packing?”

“Yes, my luggage is already prepared, but I’m still thinking if I need to bring other things.” Yun Bilu was slightly conflicted. Since the autumn break was pretty long, should she bring more with her?

Hearing Yun Bilu’s hesitating tone, Huang Yize sighed inwardly. “Alright, I’ll go up and take a look for you!” Since vacation had already started, most people had left. Furthermore, men were permitted to enter the women’s dormitory during this period because many parents came to help pack and pick up their children.