Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 817

Chapter 817 So The Female Dormitory Is Like This

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When Huang Yize reached the women’s dormitory’s building, many of the female students started to cry out in excitement. After all, it was Young Master Huang! Even his walk looked so elegant. However, once they were reminded that he already had a girlfriend, they couldn’t help but grow green with envy at Yun Bilu.

Young Master Huang’s noble silhouette alone was eye-catching enough.

Huang Yize was not thinking about anything else. He simply walked towards Yun Bilu’s dormitory without bothering with the gazes that were sent his way.

Once Yun Bilu hung up the phone, she quickly started to fix her bed so that Huang Yize wouldn’t see the mess. Thinking about how clean his room was, without even a speck of dust, her room was similar to that of a pigsty! Her things were placed everywhere.

While Yun Bilu was packing her things away, she suddenly remembered that she had yet to tell Huang Yize her room number. When she was about to call him, she heard a knock at the door.

Panicking, Yun Bilu put everything in her blanket and rolled it up. It looked quite good—he wouldn’t be able to see anything.

She sucked in a deep breath. When the knocking did not stop, she rushed towards the door and opened it. When she saw that it was Huang Yize, she couldn’t help but be enchanted.

Yun Bilu tried to compose herself while shielding the blanket behind her from his view. Acting as if nothing was wrong, she asked, “Huang Yize, I didn’t tell you what my room number was, so how on earth did you find me?”

A gleam shone in Huang Yize’s eyes as he gazed deeply at Yun Bilu. “I asked others.” How could he not know about Yun Bilu’s room number? Whenever the student union patrolled at night and did some room checks, they had to report to him. That was why he knew her room number all along.

However, that was something he would never ever tell Yun Bilu.

Yun Bilu made a sound of acknowledgment and did not think much about it. In fact, she silently prayed, “Please do not let Huang Yize stay here for a long time. 

When Huang Yize saw Yun Bilu’s luggage, he asked, “That’s all you’re bringing?”

Yun Bilu nodded. “Yes, that’s all. Can you go ahead and carry it downstairs? I’ll catch up with you later.”

Who was Huang Yize? He was the young master of the Black Dragon Gang. He could tell if something was off. The more Yun Bilu tried to hide, the easier it was for him to tell that something was fishy. Looking at how Yun Bilu’s eyes were wandering about, his eyes revealed a trace of a smile. “I just came here, and now you couldn’t wait to make me leave? I thought you’re done packing already? So, this is a women’s dormitory…”

Yun Bilu puffed up her cheeks and placed her hands on her waist. “What women’s dormitory? What’s wrong with it? As the student union president, have you not seen it before?’

Huang Yize nodded his head elegantly. “It’s true. I’ve never seen it before. So, this is how clean your room is.”

Yun Bilu pouted. “Do you think that everyone is as clean as you? This room is not that bad, y’know.”

The corners of Huang Yize’s lips lifted up into an ambiguous smile as he looked at Yun Bilu’s bed.

Yun Bilu followed Huang Yize’s gaze and saw her blanket that was rolled up into a huge roll. Her expression darkened, and she started pushing Huang Yize away. “You know what? My roommates have all left, so we should be leaving now too. We still have to pick up Elder Sister Yaoyao, so we can return to Ning An City together!”

Huang Yize embraced Yun Bilu. “How can a girl’s room be like this?” After he said that, he tilted her chin up and swooped in, pressing his lips against hers. While Yun Bilu was in a daze, he grabbed the end of the blanket and unrolled it, scattering the things inside as they fell on the floor. He then folded the blanket into a neat pile.