Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 819

Chapter 819 When Can You Grow Up?

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Being in a daze for a while, Yun Bilu fell in love with that sweet taste. It was so incredibly intoxicating that she started responding with her tongue as well. Like a child, she could not seem to get enough of exploring. She wanted to go deeper and further to taste more of that sweet honey.

As the two were making out, Yun Bilu trembled inconceivably. If it weren’t for his hands that were holding her up, she would have slid down onto the floor.

Before they knew it, the two of them had ended up on the bed, and Huang Yize couldn’t help but put one of his hands onto her soft parts.

Yun Bilu sobered up immediately and pushed Huang Yize away. She took in huge gulps of air as her body trembled. It was as though electricity ran through them.

Huang Yize rubbed between his brows. He couldn’t control himself just now. Yun Bilu’s influence on him was already beyond his expectation. This was not like him at all. The self-control that he took pride in had already crumbled in half ever since she appeared in his life.

As the young master of the Black Dragon Gang, he had been specially trained such that even drugs would not cause him to lose his rational thinking. However, when he looked at Yun Bilu, it was like his willpower turned to ashes. The sight of her lips, which were slightly swollen because of him, was so incredibly seductive. He could only turn his head and look away—this girl was literally born to conquer him.

Seeing how Yun Bilu was still trembling, Huang Yize straightened up and pulled her into his embrace. He spoke softly, “Don’t worry, I won’t touch you.”

Yun Bilu did not struggle and simply laid in Huang Yize’s embrace, calming her breathing.

Huang Yize patted her on the back before he saying in a crisp voice, “When can you grow up?”

Yun Bilu misunderstood his statement and thought that he was referring to somewhere else. She sat up immediately and retorted, “Who said that they’re small? Those with big ones are fake. Mine are natural.”

Startled, Huang Yize’s hand paused. Confusion flashed across his eyes before he realized what she was going on about.

“You are jumping to conclusions again. I’m talking about your age.”

Yun Bilu pouted. “It’s not like I can suddenly turn from twenty to twenty-five years old.”

Huang Yize caressed her head as he smiled softly. An ambiguous glint flashed in his eyes, and he lowered his head to kiss her forehead. When he was about to stand up, he saw a red bra hanging by her bedside. Huang Yize’s expression shifted as he pointed at it. “Yun Bilu, please don’t tell me that you keep those hanging like this.”

Yun Bilu’s eyes widened slightly as she revealed a confused expression. When her gaze followed Huang Yize’s slender finger and saw what he was referring to, she gasped. She immediately tried to stand up but knocked her head instead. “Ouch! This pain’s killing me.”

Huang Yize quickly pulled Yun Bilu over to check her head. When he saw that no bumps were forming, he sighed in relief. “Why are you so careless? Was there a need to be so anxious?”

Yun Bilu glared at him. “Wasn’t it because of you? If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have hurt my head.”

Huang Yize’s eyebrows twitched, and he nodded. “Yes, it’s my fault.” As he spoke, he rubbed her head lightly. “Is that better?”

“It still hurts, but it feels a lot better now.”

“When we return to the villa, I’ll put some ice on it.”

“Oh!” At that moment, Yun Bilu recovered. She quickly took down her bra that was hanging and turned around, as if planning to stuff it into the blanket.

Huang Yize saw what she was about to do and chided her. “Yun Bilu!”


“Can’t you just fix your bed? Even though it’s just a dorm, it’s also a place for you to live when you’re away from home. If you don’t clean up properly, I will hire a housekeeper for you every week.”