Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 82

Chapter 82: The Contrast Between Yun and Meng

Su Lenghan continued working on the matters at hand and replied without even lifting his head, "Okay, leave it there!" He was so overwhelmed with work that he barely had time to look up.

Zhao Wei watched Young Master Su busying away and felt his heart ache for him. He tried to persuade him again, "Young Master Su, your body belongs to you. Work may be important, but you should take good care of yourself."

Looking back on everything between Young Master Su, Miss Yun, and Miss Meng, he then understood. It wasn't easy for a man to meet someone who cared for him and cherished him.

Back in the days when Miss Yun was around, she would never let him starve nor eat a box of cold takeaway food. She would either prepare a warm meal personally or take Young Master Su out to a restaurant.

Reminiscing on those moments, he'd felt a sense of warmth radiating in the entire office. He even felt envious at one point, wanting to also fall in love.

Thinking of this, Zhao Wei sighed softly and shook his head.

Su Lenghan coincidentally raised his head and saw the odd look on Zhao Wei's face. He asked plainly, "Why? Are you bothered by something?"

Zhao Wei shook his head and replied, "I was reminded of Miss Yun. She used to cook for Young Master Su." Right after speaking, Zhao Wei knew that he had made a mistake and stopped.

"Sorry, Young Master Su. I misspoke."

Su Lenghan's exquisite brows knitted, and he leaned his head back on his chair. His eyes closed sleepily, and his slender fingers gently rubbed between his brows to soothe away the soreness. Although he was tired and cold, he still emanated elegance and grandeur effortlessly. It was as if he had an inner radiance, making one unable to look away.

"Lenghan, I made your favorite braised ribs just for you. The flavor might be lacking, but it still tastes like home."

"Lenghan, your stomach is weak. Let's go, it's too late now. Come have a warm meal with me."

"Lenghan, you work too hard and too passionately. You shouldn't be sad over these matters. Even if the whole world abandons you, you still have me! I'll stay with you. There's a saying that goes 'If you do not abandon me, I will always be at your side until the end of our lives...'"

"Lenghan, you didn't pick up my calls all day. I'm a little upset, but I know that you're busy at work, so I understand... Take good care of yourself..."


Shutting his eyes, he felt like the whole office was full of her presenceas if she had left a part of her behind. The feelings in his heart were unfamiliar, and he felt something constantly tugging at his heart. He just couldn't put his finger on what it was.

Opening his eyes, he looked around the empty and cold office. Su Lenghan sighed quietly and said, "Do not mention her again in future. The past is the past." Since he had already decided on Meng Xinyan, he would be faithful to her.

Thinking about Meng Xinyan, he was reminded of the Meng family. During this period, he had been swamped with working on the company's situation and the Su family's matters, so he'd forgotten to contact Xinyan. She must be upset.

Picking up the phone beside him, he started dialing. "Du, du... Sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable... Du, du... Sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable..." The message then repeated itself three more times.

Furrowing his brows, Su Lenghan raised his wrist to check the time. A strange look flashed through his elegant and alluring eyes.

Zhao Wei raised his head and looked at him. "Young Master Su, are you calling Miss Meng?"

Su Lenghan nodded.

Zhao Wei's expression darkened, and he hesitated, unsure if he should reveal it.

Zhao Wei had been by his side for many years, so Su Lenghan could easily read his mind. He asked bluntly, "You can just say what's going through your head. There's no one else here."

"Young Master Su, I just can't put up with it. In the past, whenever you faced any adversities, Miss Yun would be with you, caring for you and cheering you up. On the other hand, the Meng family has gone overboard this time. Something happened to Miss Su, but throughout this period, the Meng family has never offered their aid. Miss Meng used to visit you everyday but ever since the incident, the Meng family has yet to show up. I don't think they've even called to offer a word of consolation... Watching you eat takeaway meals all the time, I..." By principle, he shouldn't interfere, but over this long period, he felt indignant on Young Master Su's behalf.

Su Lenghan listened to Zhao Wei's words, and his face turned contemplative as waves of emotions welled up in his heart. He rose and walked towards the window. Looking at the night scenery outside, his heart suddenly felt fatigued.

"Zhao Wei, do you think I made a mistake?"

Zhao Wei shook his head. "I would never question any of Young Master Su's decisions. Young Master Su might be right, but a romantic couple will be together for a lifetime. They should support each other, care for each other, and not blindly demand things from each other. If there is no warmth and concern, but only selfish self-preservation, could it still be called a home?" In the end, he was not Young Master Su; he could only verbalize the thoughts in his head.

Su Lenghan stuck his right hand into his pocket, looking elegant and relaxed. He turned back and laughed leisurely. "Zhao Wei, you could be a professional relationship coach. Okay, I hear you loud and clear. Go back first and rest."

After Zhao Wei left, Su Lenghan remained by the window as he gazed at the night view. He looked lost in his thoughts, and his back view appeared lonely.

In Su Lenghan's head, he couldn't shake off the small traces of Yun Bixue, or the comparison to Meng Xinyan.

Somewhere In a Condominium

Su Lengxian hid in the house and tossed everything around aggressively. She flung the books in the study room and threw the cushions to the floor before stomping on them. It was as if this was the only way she could relieve the indignation she felt inside.

"Creak..." The door opened, and a handsome man entered. It was Zhou Yang, the man who was in the same bed as Su Lengxian that day.

"It's been a while. Are you still angry?" Zhou Yang cheerfully carried over a bag of food to Su Lengxian, his lips curling in a smile.

Su Lengxian grabbed the bag and picked up the dim sum inside. Ripping open the packaging, she ate them right away. She had raged for the entire day and had long been tired.

Zhou Yang walked over and tidied up the cluttered house. "You don't plan on returning to the Su family home?"

"What, return home? Hmph, didn't you see the news? They refuse to acknowledge me as their daughter." As she spoke, her words revealed the resentment in her heart.

"I heard that your older brother has been looking for you," Zhou Yang said. He could still remember how she called out for her elder brother back then. A glint of light flashed across his eyes, hidden from Su Lengxian's sight.

"Elder Brother!" Su Lengxian mumbled. That's right, her elder brother would never neglect her. She would search for her brother, and he would definitely help her. He'd kill those reporters for their irresponsible slander. She was now a laughing stockeveryone must be mocking her! She didn't dare to leave the house.

"Oh right, why were you so heartbroken? Your older brother is engaged to Meng Xinyan, but when the reporters tried to interrogate the Meng family, none of them came forward. They denied knowing any daughters from the Su family and only acknowledged the son of the Su family..."

Su Lengxian threw the bag of dim sum harshly on the ground. "Hmph, who does Meng Xinyan think she is? She was the one urging me to harass Yun Bixue in the first place! Yun Bixue only got lucky back at the Luxury Emperor." Having spent the past few days with Zhou Yang, she could put some of her trust in him.