Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 820

Chapter 820 Almost Drooling

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Hearing his words, Yun Bilu waved her hands in front of her as she opposed his suggestion. “Please don’t. If you do that, I’ll become a laughing stock here. I’m a needy student, so I don’t have the money for a housekeeper. Just don’t do it, okay? ”

With one hand in his pocket and the other holding the bed frame, he looked down at Yun Bilu. “Yun Bilu, how on earth did you become a needy student? Do you need me to explain? Are you really a needy student?”

Yun Bilu puffed up as she answered, “Of course I am. Compared to the other students here, I’m poor. They all drive branded cars and wear designer clothes. If you compare me to them, it’s easy to see why that title belongs to me.”

Huang Yize laughed at Yun Bilu’s explanation and shook his head. “What a twisted logic.”

Yun Bilu knew that Huang Yize seldom laughed. Her eyes shone at the sight of his bright smile—it was so moving. His elegance was intoxicating, and at that moment, it felt like it was similar to the mien that kings in the past possessed. Simply put, his aura was capable of tugging people’s heartstrings.

“Huang Yize, you smiled. You’ve never smiled so beautifully before.”

Huang Yize used his finger to tap softly on Yun Bilu’s forehead. “You’re always full of weird ideas. I’m trying to talk about serious matters here, but your distorted logic angered me to the point of laughter.”

Yun Bilu shook her head and leaned forward to hug Huang Yize’s arm. “Well, that’s because I’m a happy pill.”

Huang Yize nodded. “Yes, you’re a happy pill. Quick, clear your things away now.”

Yun Bilu made a sound of acknowledgment and put her bra in her closet. She then turned around and looked at Huang Yize in the eye. “Do you know what that is?”

Huang Yize rubbed his forehead helplessly. What’s with this girl?

“Hey, Huang Yize, do you know what that is?”

Huang Yize’s forehead was twitching painfully. He hated that he could not shake some sense into her. “Yun Bilu, are you smart or stupid? Quick, clean up your room. We’re leaving now.”

After he said that, he bent down and swept the entire room. Once that was done, he mopped the floor thoroughly.

Looking at the clean and sparkling floor, Yun Bilu almost gasped in delight. Did she just happen to stumble upon a treasure? Deep down, she was excited. All she thought about was when they lived together in the future, he would help to clean up too.

“Yun Bilu, your drool’s about to drip!”

Yun Bilu promptly wiped the corner of her mouth and replied angrily, “You’re lying. I’m not drooling. Hey, hold on a second. You didn’t even turn around! What are you talking about?”

Huang Yize stood up straight as he held the mop in his hand. “I know you too well!”

“Hmph! You’re just trying to say that I’m smitten. Even if I am, you’re the one who chose me.”

Looking at how annoyed Yun Bilu was, he replied, “Yes, you do make sense. Now, wash the mop and let it dry at the balcony.”

Yun Bilu took the mop from him and went to wash it. While she was away, Huang Yize washed his hands and fixed her bed again, taking the bedsheets out and rolling them up together.

When Yun Bilu came back after washing the mop and saw her clean bed, she grinned happily as she praised, “Huang Yize, I’m impressed!” She then did a small curtsy, just like how they did in ancient times.

Huang Yize’s gaze carried traces of delight. He took the mop from Yun Bilu’s hands and opened the window to let it dry outside. After that, he carried Yun Bilu’s luggage and stepped outside the room. Before he locked the door, he reminded her, “Check your things again. See if you missed anything?”