Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 821

Chapter 821 I Will Obey My Wifes Orders

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Yun Bilu checked her luggage again to make sure that she did not leave anything behind before they left for the villa.

When they arrived, Bai Yaoyao was already waiting for them, and she went up to Yun Bilu and hugged her happily.

Yun Bilu said exaggeratedly, “Oh no, Elder Sister Yaoyao, you can’t hug me. This hug must be for Mr. Soldier next time.”

At the mention of Duan Yanhao, Bai Yaoyao’s eyes clouded over a little before she tapped Yun Bilu on her forehead. “You naughty girl. You only know how to make fun of me. I will complain to Yun Bixue when we reach Ning An City.”

Yun Bilu giggled. “My elder sister is still waiting for me to be her bridesmaid, so she won’t say much.”

Bai Yaoyao chuckled. She really had no way to deal with Yun Bilu. With such a happy pill by her side, she couldn’t help but love her. People tend to only know who treated them the best after experiencing some things. When relationships couldn’t be relied on, your familial ties were the ones that warmed your heart the most.

One look at Bai Yaoyao and Yun Bilu could tell that she was different from before. She was not as depressed, and it seemed like her heart was a lot lighter. She could finally rest assured now.

From the looks of it, the new relationship aided her a lot in forgetting her past. She didn’t know what happened between her and Mr. Soldier, so she was really curious. However, she was smart and didn’t ask for details.

As long as Elder Sister Yaoyao was happy, and as long as she had company and someone who cared about her, she could rest assured!

Seeing the luggage in the living room, Yun Bilu asked, “Elder Sister Yaoyao, you are done packing?”

“Yep! When you mentioned that you’re going to have an autumn break, I already planned and prepared my things in advance. When you called last night, I already knew about it, that’s why it didn’t take me long to pack. It’s better than rushing around anyway.”

Yun Bilu carefully observed Bai Yaoyao’s expression as she spoke. Indeed, she was completely different from who she was before. As expected, a woman needed love.

The two sisters chatted happily for a while, and their laughter never stopped.

After they were done preparing, Yun Bilu called her elder sister to inform her that they were returning to Ning An City.

When Yun Bixue heard that, she revealed a radiant smile. She immediately ran towards the study to look for Xie Limo. “My younger sister’s coming back. Hubby, can you arrange for a plane to pick them up?”

Xie Limo smiled lightly and pulled Yun Bixue onto his lap as he continued to read his documents. “Even if I didn’t arrange for a private jet, with Huang Yize’s status, do you think that he cannot do it?”

“I only know that he’s the young master of the Black Dragon Gang because you knew about it. But Bilu has no idea at all. If I were to guess, Huang Yize doesn’t want her to know too much as well, so the best way is for you to lend a hand.”

Xie Limo turned to look at Yun Bixue and smiled at her. “Then I shall obey my wife’s wishes!”

Yun Bixue lightly pinched Xie Limo’s arm and said, “Since the young master of the Black Dragon Gang is going to be a guest at our wedding, there’s a high chance that he will be our brother-in-law in the future.”

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue’s serious expression. He had no idea how he should explain to her that the Xie family and Black Dragon Gang were of equally high status.

The two discussed for a few more minutes and decided to arrange the flight to be on the morning of the next day. In the afternoon, they would reach Ning An City.

Country E.

Yun Bilu had a lot of free time on hand, so she was playing poker with Bai Yaoyao as they chatted.

At the same time, Xirong Ziye was busy preparing for his marriage with Xiamu Qingyan. The entire Country E knew about this as it was being reported on the news and social media. Bai Yaoyao’s heart used to ache whenever she saw that. Sometimes, she even cried herself to sleep. However, after such a long time, she could finally hear and read the news calmly.