Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 822

Chapter 822 The Peak Of Youth

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When Yun Bilu scrolled through her timeline, she saw that most of the posts were all news about Xirong Ziye. Her brows furrowed together. At that moment, she really wanted to throw her cell phone on the floor, but when she looked at Bai Yaoyao’s calm expression, she was a little surprised. Could it be that Elder Sister Yaoyao was not upset anymore? But that was not possible. That calm expression of hers was probably just her trying her best to suppress her feelings.

She may not be upset like she was before, but the scars in her heart were still not healed!

This made Yun Bilu think about her own elder sister. It was fortunate that she met Brother-in-law in time, so she didn’t have to be so sad! Furthermore, she was by her side back then, but just thinking about it made her heart clench in pain.

While Elder Sister Yaoyao was resting, Yun Bilu took the chance to find Huang Yize in the study to complain all about Xirong Ziye. She grabbed a pen and stabbed at a sheet of paper to vent her anger.

Stabbing the paper mercilessly, she muttered, “Take that! And that! And that!” She vented out all her anger on the paper, as though the pen was a knife stabbing through Xirong Ziye.

No matter how good Xirong Ziye looked in the hearts of Country E’s citizens, in Yun Bilu’s heart, Xirong Ziye was a vicious man who had harmed Elder Sister Yaoyao. If he didn’t like her right from the start, he didn’t have to trap Bai Yaoyao like that. He trapped her for a long period of time before he abandoned her again. Just thinking about this sort of men made her blood boil.

However, she didn’t dare to show her fury in front of Bai Yaoyao, afraid that she would anger her. She could feel that Elder Sister Yaoyao did not hate Xirong Ziye.

She didn’t understand why Elder Sister Yaoyao could not be angry or hate him after how he treated her.

She had seen Elder Sister Yaoyao wallowing in despair, and at that time, she looked like she could be blown away with just a gust of wind. She looked lifeless, as though she held no hope in the future. That was why Yun Bilu hated the person who harmed Bai Yaoyao.

While Yun Bilu was busy stabbing the paper, Huang Yize was amused at how she was acting. A glint flashed across his intoxicating eyes as his lips curled up slightly, not saying a single word throughout this.

“Huang Yize, say something. Do you think that Xirong Ziye is right?”

Huang Yize closed down his laptop and rubbed between his brows. “Yun Bilu, he’s still the president of this country. You can’t shout like this outside, alright?”

“If I want to shout, what can he do to me?” A moment later, Yun Bilu sighed. She became visibly deflated as she said, “I wanted to help Elder Sister Yaoyao, but now, I realized that my strength is so limited. When I was a kid and fought those bullies, I didn’t give up even if my face became badly bruised. I wanted to let those people know that no one could bully my elder sister. I wasn’t even scared that they were taller or bigger than me…”

Thinking about the past, Yun Bilu sighed again and continued, “But now that I’m all grown up, I realized that I’m so weak and that this world was much stronger than me.” After she spoke, she shook her head, looking like younger sister Lin at that moment.

It was Huang Yize’s first time seeing Yun Bilu so down. She was always so bubbly and cheerful, so he couldn’t help but feel the wrenching in his heart. He went up to embrace her and said, “Don’t sigh. If you continue to sigh, you’ll become an old lady!”

Yun Bilu started to claw at him immediately. “Huang Yize, you dare call me an old lady? If I were to become an old lady, what does that make you? Ah! I’m at the peak of my youth, and you dare to call me that…”

Huang Yize let out a sigh of relief when Yun Bilu recovered her usual energy. When she tired out from kicking up a fuss, he coaxed her to sleep and carried her to the bed. After tucking her in, he looked out at the night sky outside, his expression unreadable.