Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 823

Chapter 823 Young Master Huang Venting For Bilu

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When Huang Yize left the bedroom, he took out his cell phone and mashed a few buttons quickly. Not long after, a man came to the villa in the middle of the night. He kneeled respectfully beside Huang Yize and said, “Young Master, this is the photo that you requested!”

Huang Yize looked at the said photo. It was a shot of Bai Yaoyao’s matchmaking at the cafe. It was a sloppy and blurred shot, and no one could recognize the two people in the photo. Even if it were thrown on the streets, people would just think of it as a normal photo.

However, Huang Yize believed that this photo would have a different impact if it reached the hands of Xirong Ziye. It would probably agitate him. After all, a man understood a man the best. How unaffected he was cannot be told from just his outer appearance.

If a man really didn’t care, he wouldn’t have tried his best to create a golden cage to trap a woman in it.

That was why he believed that to exact revenge, he could only use his weakness. He just knew that this photo would deliver the most powerful blow to Xirong Ziye and help vent Bilu’s anger. Anyway, since Bai Yaoyao was going to leave Country E, he did not have to care about whatever repercussions it would create after Xirong Ziye saw the said photo.

And once Bai Yaoyao left Country E, she would no longer be in Xirong Ziye’s territory.

Not only that, but with Xie Limo in Ning An City, the heir and young master of Xie family, no one would dare to anger him!

Huang Yize’s lips curled up into an intoxicating smile just thinking about it. With a king’s suaveness, he ordered, “Think of a way to let Xirong Ziye see this photo by coincidence. Don’t let him suspect anything!”


The man left respectfully after Huang Yize’s instructions.

The next day, after being informed of the arrival of the private jet, the three of them went to the airport. On their way there, Bai Yaoyao saw all the photos of the wedding of the president on the streets. A cold glint flashed across her beautiful eyes, carrying with them traces of chill. A moment later, the corners of her lips turned up into a self-deprecating smile. She thought to herself, “Farewell, Country E. I will never return here again.”

After a while, Bai Yaoyao received a phone call from Duan Yanhao. Seeing his name, her heart trembled, and she could not grip her cell phone properly. She actually did not tell Duan Yanhao that she was leaving Country E.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to tell him, but that time that they had spent together made her feel that Duan Yanhao was also a complex person with his own stories. At the moment, she could no longer withstand anymore blows. She was no longer her past self, a woman who was lively, reckless, and unafraid of pain.

That was why even though she was thankful for Duan Yanhao’s company and attentiveness, she wanted to keep him away. Perhaps she was cowardly indeed!

Yun Bilu looked at Bai Yaoyao, who seemed to be caught in a trance. Her phone kept on ringing, and it seemed like she did not want to answer the call. She asked in confusion, “Who’s calling? Eh, Elder Sister Yaoyao, why aren’t you picking up?”

Yun Bilu took the cell phone from Bai Yaoyao’s hands. Since the latter wasn’t expecting it, the phone was easily taken away.

When Yun Bilu saw Duan Yanhao’s name on the screen, she knew that it was Mr. Soldier, so she answered the call immediately. “Mr. Soldier, I’m returning to Country A with Elder Sister Yaoyao to attend my elder sister’s wedding. If you have time, remember to visit us, alright? Of course, Elder Sister Yaoyao misses you.”

When Bai Yaoyao recovered from her trance and wanted to stop her, it was too late—Yun Bilu had already said everything. She could only worry needlessly and snatch her cell phone back, but Yun Bilu stopped her. At that moment, they had arrived at the airport, so Yun Bilu quickly got down from the car and ran to the side. “Mr. Soldier, we’ve just arrived at the airport, and we’re about to leave soon! Remember to call Elder Sister Yaoyao!”